Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Happy New Year & Occassions Box

Hello friends!  Just wanted to show you a few more items I've made with my new beloved stamp set Nature Walk!  I can't seem to get enough of this set!  This set will be coming out in SU!'s Occassions Mini Catalog, which starts on Jan. 4th, as will the paper featured in the box called Botanical Gazette. 

First, I have some New Years cards for my friend Rachel.  These colors were just so nice together for me and I love the flower stamp in this set, with the blue it reminds me of a Forget-Me-Not.  Rachel is easy to make stuff for, beacause she just lets me do what I want, creative license!  Thanks Rach!  You'll note I used the same embossing folder (Elegant Lines) that I used on my last card, this is another item I can't seem to get enough of. 

Next is an Occassions Box for another friend's mom.  This box is bigger than the Birthday Boxes and can hold full cards.  Inside are 7 card categories picked out by Carissa (my friend) ranging from birthday to anniversary and a cooresponding card filed in the section.  The main Designer Series Paper and color scheme were also picked by Carissa.  Now you'll note that "forget-me-not" flower again, it works with the motif and the colors and from that I was inspired to call this "Shirley's Forget-Me-Not Box".  So fun, I really enjoyed making this!  What's more is that I get to submit this to Stacey's Curtain Call Color Challenge Act 62.  My colors aren't exact, but very close.  I always love to play along with Stac when I get the chance, her challenges are so fun!

Thanks friends, hope you enjoy as well.  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy New Year and OMC Sneak Peak

I know that sometimes there is a little slump after the Holidays are over, maybe because not big celebrations are coming up.  Well I am here to tell you different.  This New Years you have a whole new Occassions Mini Catalog (OMC) to look forward to!  YEAH!  I have to tell you, having seen it already, it is a beaut and there are some fun things in there.  I'd like to give you a little sneak peak of a set from the OM called Nature Walk.  This set is very elegant and beautiful, a bit of a vintage-chic thing going on.  Here is a card I am making for an upcoming swap with this set.

Thanks for stopping.  Have a wonderful holiday AND a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Still searching for that perfect gift?

Well look no further!  I have a few of these delightful birthday boxes left and I just put them up on my new Etsy Page!!! :) 
These are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to remember birthdays and be organized.  This cute and fun hinged tin is bright and adds a nice touch to the home decor in any room!  The best part, it is useful too!  Inside you'll find a filing system from January - December.  Behind each tab are index cards on which you can write the persons name, birthday, likes, dislikes and what gift you gave them the year before.   
I still have a bit more uploading to do, but you can expect more of these boxes and other items on my Etsy Page in the days to come.

Please let me know if you have any questions!  Happy Holidays!

Update 12/16/10- added another birthday box.  For some reason it took me about 4 tries to get a decent photo!  Anyway, I love these little monkey's, so fun, and the colors remind me of a young gril- a tween! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

All I want for Christmas is...

Do you know that song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"?  So funny!  I think being a mother has made me sillier. Are all parents dorks or does that just run in my family?
That is one of the things I love about being a mom, it is so exciting to experience things for the first time again!  Of course it isn't my first Christmas, or time seeing Santa, but watching my daughter's reaction for the first time is priceless.  It is so fun to see her get all excited!  Sophie keeps asking me, "Can we decorate the tree again?!" :)
My little one is shy though, doesn't like strangers.  Takes to strange men even less than women.  This is all good in "stranger-danger" land, but she wanted to go see Santa for the first time this last weekend.  Hoever,, she wasn't quite up to the task when we got there..... look at her traumatized face!  Poor girl didn't know what to think and didn't say one word to jolly old St. Nick! Ah well, I am sure he gets that alot.
So with that fun little tale, just wanted to share some Season's Greetings cards I made for my friend Sarah.  I just love this non-traditional color combo (Poppy Parade and Bashful Blue).  I also love that little bird with the star stamp, I can't seem to get enough of it.  :)  This is a versatile card that can work for any denomination.
OK, thanks for stopping by, I'll try not to be a stranger and post more.  Before that I'll try to get some cards made, I haven't done MY holiday cards yet!!!
Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sneak Peak of FHCRC Craft Fair!

Tomorrow is the big craft fair i was telling you about earlier in the week.  I am super excited and really hope it goes well.  I feel like I have a good stock of stuff (I could always have more but...) so it should be good.  Here are some of the items I'll be selling:

Birthday Boxes- don't know what this is, go back to this post here.

Cards & Card Bundles

Reindeer & Snowman Poop Treat Bags
Coffee Cup Cozies/Sleeves
and more!

I've include a few pictures of cards that will be in bundles for purchasing. :)  Don't forget to come visit me 9am - 3pm, 900 Fairview Ave. N, Seattle!  Remember that a portion of proceeds goes to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Patient Family Services Fund!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

Did you know today is the start of Hannukah?!  It seems really early this year, but maybe that is because time flies I am not sure.  I didn't even know it was popping up until one of my co-workers asked me to make her some Hanukkah cards.  Last year I did these as part of my custom made holiday cards, but I used my one Hanukkah stamp and didn't want to use it again so didn't do those cards this year.  So when my co-worker asked I had to come up with something quick.  I found this birthday stamp and it worked perfectly!  What do you think?  I veered a little away from traditional colors because I didn't want them to be the same as last year.  Do you celebrate Hanukkah?  If so, what other images and colors do you see on your Hanukkah cards? 

Happy Hanukkah All!!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Shop for a good cause this week!

Hey Ya'll!  Come visit me at the FHCRC Craft Fair this week on Friday, December 3rd, it's open to the public!  A portion of proceeds go to benefit the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Patient Family Services Fund.
Address is: 900 Fairview Ave. N, Seattle 98109.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

50% off and FREE shipping?! week only

Check out all the awesome stuff you can get here.  My digital Studio for 50% off- Amazing, Extravagent, SPECTACULAR!!!

One week only, so check it out ASAP.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The perfect Holiday gift...

...for YOU!!!

Stampin' Up! is currently offering their starter kit at 50% off!!! For only $87.50 you can get $310 dollars worth of merchandise.

Don't want to be a demonstrator??? That's the beauty, you don't have to be! You can simply get the starter kit and your obligation ends there!  OR you can start a lovely new business and reap the rewards.  Either way, YOU choose!

If your significant other or family is pestering you for a Christmas list, this is the perfect item and such a great deal!
 This offer runs through November 30th!

Please see the attached flyer and/or contact me for more details.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A little pick me up!

Sometimes life can be hard.  We've all experienced this right?!  Well my family is going through a bit of a rough patch right now, a bump in the road if you will.  I try to be an optimist, (or realist if you prefer) and figure that in one way or another everything will work out.  But there are moments that it is hard to see that through all the muck in front of you, know what I mean?  I was having that day a few days ago and I had mentioned something on facebook and my friend Jackie said to me, "I am so sorry, Katie.  You know we can completely relate....It's so hard.  But there will be just will take time or creativity or both to see it all!  Hugs!" 

Well of course Jackie's wisdom was/is right on both figuratively and litteraly!   I may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, but I know it is there and things will work out...and I truely do believe this.  But that isn't all, what I needed was a little "creativity" and it was the perfect pick me up!  Now this may not have been exactly what Jackie meant, and it may not have solved all my problems, but I can tell you that it certainly made me feel better!  That is what I love so much about papercrafting, it is a perfect escape!  When I get to craft I get to put some of those other troubles behind me.  Sometimes for an hour or two or maybe just 15 minutes, but getting out of my head is golden!  Even better is that I made Christmas Cards, which happens to be my very favorite holiday!  

Who knows if we'll be able to afford gifts for the entire family this year, but meanwhile, I have all these papercrafting supplies on hand and I can make gifts.  I imagine these one of a kind, hand made gifts will be truely meaningfull, especially in these circumstances.  So, I remind myself (and you) these three life lessons: 1.  everything will work out for the best  2. creativity heals and 3.the holidays are about being together and when giving gifts it is the thought behind the gift that is truely meaningful.

Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Decor

If you get my newsletter then you know last week I promised to show all the decorations I made for my little Sophie's 3rd birthday party.  It is Hello Kittyrific!  So, I made a little collage to show you all the fun things that were up at the party. 

We had so much fun!  Sophie and her friends loved playing in the adventure zone at the YMCA.  When we stopped them for cake, their little faces looked just like beets!!! 

I did attempt to make Hello Kitty cake pops but failed miserably.  After 2 hours of trying I decided cupcakes would do just fine, and they did!  I've since looked at the cake pops book and I think there is more to it than I initially thought, and it helps to thoroughly read instructions.... something I am not to good at... so I might try them again, we'll see.

Oh, and you'll note that I included her halloween picture, yep, she was HK!  It is so much easier to bundle these things together when they are so close! :)

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 29, 2010

In search of a new home...

I have a whole lot of used stamp sets (and a few other items that are looking for a new home!  Maybe you could be the lucky one?!  I have listed names and prices of each item, but feel free to make me an offer.  However, prices don't include shipping, that will be calculated and added.  Ink pads are $2/each (a few are unopened).  Email me if you are interested-!

Mini Messages- $8

Picture This (Clear Mount)- $5

Best Wishes & More- $12

A Happy Heart- $10

New Beginnings- $7

Sprinkles- $5

Of the Earth (new unmounted)- $7

Going out in style- $7

Patterened Pines- $5

Very Thankful- $5

Amazing to Zany??- $20

Doodle This- $12- SOLD

Birthday Bliss (New unmounted)- $7- SOLD

Scary Skeleton- $5- SOLD

Things I love- $7

Mr Twigster- $7

Hello Again- $7

God's Beauty (new unmounted)- $8

Good Neighbor (clear mount)- $8

Ink Pads- $2 each
Barely Banana


Blue Bliss
Mauve Mist
Ruby Red
More Mustard

Lavendar Lace

Green Galore
Mellow Moss
Almost Amethyst
Pixie Pink
Yo-Yo Yellow

Heat Tool- $15