Sunday, September 29, 2013


Fall is definitely here.  There is a crispness in the air that wasn't around a few weeks ago.  Did you know you could get an early Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks by saying PSL10?  Pretty neat how Starbucks is using the trendy/hip acronym to make it cool.  Anyone can get it now though.  I don't actually like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is odd because I love pretty much anything else pumpkin.  Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin ravioli.  I can't think of one thing besides PSL10 I don't like (Sorry Kimberly!).

So this card is inspired by PSL10, by fall and pumpkins, and by leaves and acorns.  It is also inspired by this week's Paper Smooches SPARKS Challenge with this fun image and this week's CASology Challenge which is Autumn.  I used my PS Hot Concoctions set and the sentiment is from A Muse.  I used marker, colored pencil, a white pen, orange sparkle pen and glossy accents on the various colored bits.  Looking at it makes me want to snuggle up by the fire and drink some cocoa, yum.

Today's Question of the Day is from CM who wants to know what your favorite cookie recipe is?  Since we are talking fall and pumpkin, my fave pumpkin cookies can be found here.  (Technically not the exact recipe, mine comes from my mama, but they are pretty darn close).  What makes these cookies is the icing on top, the perfect sweet touch for the pumpkin flavor!  

Friday, September 27, 2013

Flashback Friday- Wanna Parrrty?

I bet you didn't know that last Thursday, September, 19, was National Talk Like a Pirate Day?!  Totally true, and it comes around every year!  I really wanted to parrrrticipate and get this post up but it didn't happen so we'll just flashback to it.  Arrgh!  In fact, there are a whole slew of fun and dorky national holidays out there.  Today you can choose from National Crush a Can Day and/or Native American Day. You can check out a list of bizarre holiday's here.

It just so happens my daughter wants to have a pirate theme for her sixth birthday.  I love any excuse to purchase stamps (GRIN!), so I got the TAWS sets Land Ho and Black Beards Loot just for her party invites.  I had a chance to make one sample invite and this is what I came up with.  I struggled knowing that I wanted to make 15+ of these, I want it to be simple enough but still fun.  I am not sure this will be the final, we'll see.  Oh, and while I am at it I am going to enter this into the Wanna Sketch Challenge #9 and Seize the Sketch #4.  (Is that cheating?  They are similar sketches, though mirrored?  I hope not!)


Onto the Flashback!  Here are the questions and answers that amused me in the last few weeks:

Morning Blunder (9/18)
Q- If you think it is possible that your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness, than what is yours (if you are willing to share)?
*It was really hard to pick an answer to this one, you all had great insights but I personally identify with this one (I do it myself all the time) so I'll share it-
A- Amy said, "Greatest strength = Greatest weakness.  Interesting question...I tend to be a yes girl and in my effort to do a kindness, I might over extend myself or most recently, it has been taken the opposite way. I constantly over analyze situations which can be good, if you take the good with the bad but sometimes it is just good to step away from the situation and say, it is what it is, kwim?"  

Going in Circles- (9/20)
Q- What has been your favorite challenge theme ever (i.e.- Going in Circles, Labor Day, CAS, shiny or sparkly, or anything else)?
A- Savannah said, "Answer: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE anything goes challenges! I feel free to create whatever I want.... and then again, these are the ones that I tend to "think about" too much! LOL!"

In Transition... (9/23)
Q- If you could have a super power, what would it be?
A- CM said, "The super powers I'd like to have: deep understanding, tremendous, genuine kindness and creativity...oodles and oodles!! Great to don my cape and craft!!"

Now before you go don your cape and craft (LOL, love that!) remember today is your day to ask the Question of the Day- send them my way folks.

BTW- did you check out this weeks hop over at PS?!  Fun new sets and dies!

Monday, September 23, 2013

In transition...

Though I was sick all weekend, I am happy to report that the craft garage sale this weekend with Amy T. and Novell E. went well and I had fun! I also go to meet Kimberly W., she came and shopped an we chatted for a while.  It was just all around fun (minus the sick part)!  Thanks ladies!

Today's card is for the Moxie Fab World Tuesday Trigger from last week-  In Transition.  Though it was hard form me to come up with a card to go along with this image, I love the picture.  It really plays tricks on my eyes and provokes me to think about where is the ending and where is the beginning and that whole philosophical concept around that.  "The only thing constant in life is change."- Francios de la Rochefoucauld. Because of the theme and concept it also fits with the TAWS Be Inspired Challenge #37.  Visually you might not get the connection, but conceptually, time and transition....very related.  OK, I've already gone down the philosophical yellow brick road with you recently so I'll leave it at that.

When I eventually did come up with an idea for the card it was pretty easily accomplished.  The image is from TAWS Stack 'em High and was stamped in overlapping fashion in multiple colors.  I then stamped the sentiment from CAS-ual Fridays with the little asterix (*).  I mounted that layer on black to give it a little more contrast so it would pop out and you and finished with the twine.  Easy Peasy and I am pretty pleased with the result.  

The Question of the Day is inspired by my daughter's recent discussions related to wanting to be a super hero...  If you could have a super power, what would it be?  When I think about it I get to wrapped up in what would be the consequences of my choice and can't decide (greatest strength/greatest weakness thing all over again.

BTW-   If I haven't visited you or your blog lately, I will and I am sorry!  I am hoping this week will be catch up week!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Going in Circles!

Um... Dear Evelyn (our FABULOUS DT Coord at Cut-it-Up Challenge), how did you know I've been going in circles? Have you been spying on me?! It seems like you must have been to make Going in Circles this weeks challenge theme! :)  haha!

Yes, no lack of going in circles in my life at the moment.  Mostly it is all well and good, but I have school starting again in just over a week and I am stressing big time!  What worries me is the time commitment and my energy level with lots of events coming up, work, child, hubby, an autoimmune disease and wanting to be crafty. Phew!  It will be fairly quick though, done by the end of the year, so I just have to keep my eye on the prize.  When my gears are turning and I am getting dizzy from the circles I'll be looking for that light at the end of the tunnel!  Just wish me luck folks!

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, this week's challenge over at the Cut-it-up blog is Going in Circles.  The DT was fortunate enough to each get an Itty Bitty set from Unity (all different sets) that we could feature with our creation (FUN!).  My set was-  Do Not Bend.  This set inspired me to go with a good old red, white and blue Americana look. I had fun making the peak-a-boo window.  I used my circle dies from Lawn Fawn.

Challenge rules:
1.  Follow the Cut-it-Up blog.  
2.  Use a die cut in your *new* project and follow the theme.   Um....did I mention you can use any die cut machine?!  Yep, any die cut...electronic, manual, big, small, you name it and you can use it!  Note that hand held punches don't count.
3. Link up to the blog.
(you  can view the complete rules here.)

This week there is one BIG prize:    
5 of these fun itty bitty's from Unity!  AND
$20 gift certificate for Cute as a Button!

How cool!  Sooooo aren't you inspired to come along and play with us?!?  Come and visit our blog and the other DT girls blogs for more inspiration!   We'll have you dancing in hoola hoops by the time you are done!  :)

Today's Question of the Day is- What has been your favorite challenge theme ever (i.e.- Going in Circles, Labor Day, CAS, shiny or sparkly, or anything else)?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

morning blunder

If there is one thing you should know about is that you'll know everything about me...I am an open book.  I don't hide much, I pretty much wear it on my sleeve, whatever it is.  In life, it is my view, that one's greatest strength is always their greatest weakness.  Case in point- being an open book allows me to be kind, caring, open to ideas, I am genuine and honest, and not surgically separate someone's decisions from their emotions (there are always reasons someone does what they do- which doesn't always make it OK, but it is important information to consider it).  At the same time if I am emotional about something, you'll know, truth isn't always appreciated- though I know how to bite my tongue at times and frame things diplomatically because I don't want to be offensive- sometimes people don't want to hear truth, I over analyze how I state things (seriously you wouldn't believe how long it takes me to write an email or post sometimes, not wanting things to be misinterpreted, among other things.  AND.... that also causes me to over-explain things...which is what you are experiencing now!!!

Enough philosophical drivel!  My point this am was that I made a boo-boo today with posting my CIU post early (should go up on Friday) and I had to remove it, but I have to tell you about it, because that is what I do- open book/sleeve wearer.  I felt like a dork but I laughed it off, so I am chalking this up to a successful day already. :)  I did want to replace it with another post though, so I'll share a card with you that I  made for my Father.

There is a story behind this card that is important to consider.  My Dad had an Blue Crested Amazon Parrot for 16 years.  Her name was Boo and she was sweet and a good companion for my Dad.  She was also annoying at times and some of that credit goes to me...for teaching her how to meow and imitate spitting with her tongue like an insolent child, "neaner, neaner!" :)  But she passed away suddenly about a week or so ago and my Dad was super sad.  So I wanted to make him a card with feather's that looked like Boo's tail feather's  (Our Boo had very little Blue on her head). Not entirely sure about this card perhaps this is my second

blunder of the day...(here is that honestly thing again...and that over-explaining...) but the thought was there and hopefully it reminds him of the good things about Boo.

I also came across a great idea on Pinterest last night, there was a tutorial for making a dream catcher.  I thought wouldn't it be fun for my Dad to have one of these with Boo's feather's!  My dad is totally into Native American art so making this and including his memories seems like it would be lovely and have good symbolic meaning.  What do you think?

The Question of the Day- I don't want to interject my philosophies on you, but if you think it is possible that your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness, than what is yours (if you are willing to share)?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Huge Sale!

I just wanted to remind you of the huge multi-crafter sale this Friday and Saturday, including Amy Tsuruta and myself and one or 2 others.  TONS of stuff!  If you are local to the Seattle area and want to hit the sale, contact me for address details-

Monday, September 16, 2013

You Rock!

I have a just for fun card to share with you today.  I started this one a few weeks back and finished it the other night.  Originally, I just stamped a few choice pieces from the Reverse Confetti set Inner Rock Star on this super bright Simply Chartruse paper from PTI.  I love the brightness!  The other stamps, the polka dots and sentiment, are from Fresh Squeezed Stamps- You Said it Sister.   This is set "rocks" too because it is so versatile.  The other papers are from 5th and Frolic by Dear Lizzy and KaiserCraft 75 Cents pad.  The die is from Memory Box.  For the layout I used the Reverse Confetti sketch #4 (though not submitting, I think the contest is closed).  I hope you like it!

Last night my husband and I watched the Seahawks win their game and the fans broke a record for the loudest stadium in the world.  Woot!  Though I am not a huge football fan, I do enjoy it once in a while.  Now, the Question of the Day is what is your favorite football team?  Or if you don't watch football, what sport do you watch and what is your favorite team?

BTW- You have just 1.5 days to play over at the Cut-it-up Challenge, come play with us! :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Flashback Friday- You remind me of the babe...

Welcome to Flashback Friday folks!  Yesterday I was having a flashback of my own, reminiscing with a co-worker about the movie The Labyrinth.  You know the one I am talking about right?  A Jim Henson movie complete with Muppets and David Bowie in tights...  As a child of the 80's, I watched and loved this movie...over and over again.  I have so many fave moments- like the little worm with the British accent... "Ello... I said ello.  Come inside, have a cup of tea and meet the missus."  Have you seen this movie?  When ever I come across someone who hasn't (which is rare) I am shocked!  My hubby had not only not heard of it, but upon watching it made fun of me for loving it... that dirty rat (she said with love...)!

Anyway, quickly let me share my card.  I made another card using Fresh Squeezed Stamps.  I love the multiple subway series sets they make.  I like the way the colors contrast so much with the black, it just grabs your attention.  And of course the enamel dots that I can't get enough of.  I should have bought stock in these they are so popular! :)  The card is going into the Seize the Birthday Challenge this week
.  The enamel dots are my toppings.

FF questions in review-

Putting the SPARKLE in PS Sparks (9/1)
Q- What signs of fall do you love?
A- Inkyfingers said, "I love the smell of woodsmoke in the autumn."

What NOT to wear (9/3)
Q- What are some "rules" that you've had to teach a man or men in your life?
A- Kimberly said, "My rule was - GET a school picture, I should have said, make sure it is not blurry! And get a smile. I got blurry and no smile!!! LOL..."

It's official! (9/4)
Q- What was your favorite subject in school?
A- Ya'll must have hated school because there were no answers! :)

Krazy for Kraft (9/8)
Q- Who is a superstar you'd like to meet, stamping or otherwise and why?
A- Sojorne said, "Alexander Skarsgard. Why? If you just took one look you would understand ;)"
Lisa said, "Well heck I want to meet the gal who made this CUTE card!!!"  Awww.... :)

Are you Ready for Yeti (9/9)
Q- What are your top 5 craft supplies?
A- a compilation from everyone includes, "Big Shot, cuttlebug, dies, clear stamps, Prismacolor colored pencils, Fresh inks, neon inks, Pink ATG, patterned paper and enamel dots", excuse me! (9/11)
Q- what is your favorite drink
A-  Jean said, "Favorite drink is iced tea with lemon! I live on it."

Question of the Day- Your turn, what do you want to know about your fellow crafters (and it doesn't have to be crafty!)?

T. G. I. F. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

slurp...belch!... er, excuse me!

Sorry to make you slurp this post down fast but in a rush today so won't be to chatty.  I did want to share a fun card I made for this week's Fusion Challenge #17.  Check out this fun inspiration photo.  And again, it is fusion and I achieved zen, because I have used the sketch AND incorporated glass from the picture! Wahoo!

I love the bright colors on this card.  So glad I broke out the October afternoon paper finally! The stamp set is from Fresh Squeezed Stamps.  I borrow this from a friend (you know who you are and THANKS!) but I think it might be one I need to own!

For the Question of the Day, how's about telling me your favorite beverage?  I have several, but at the moment I am wishing I had an iced coffee to drink.  ALWAYS iced, no matter the weather!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Are you ready for Yeti?

I did it!  I caved and made a holiday-ish card!  I typically try to wait because I can't do Christmas in July, but I couldn't resist this Yeti stamp from Lawn Fawn!  If you are a follower you know by now that I LOVE all things Bigfoot and Yeti, if not...welcome to my strange world.  So when I was able to borrow this stamp (no I don't own it yet but on my list for sure) I was thrilled.  So ready for Yeti or not, here he comes!

When I made this card I just had the idea that this guy had to be turquoise, not sure why, but it was a done deal.  I colored and blended him with various shades of my SU! markers (I am jeaolous of all those Copic owners out there, also on my list).  I added some flakes and trees and these fun snowball bling from Impress. He is mounted on some October Afternoon DP and Papertrey CS.  I love the way it came out- he is just so CUTE!  So..... I am submitting this to Lawnscaping's current call for using your fave products.

So for today's Question of the Day, I am torn between asking when you start working on holiday stuff and asking Amy T's wondering what your top 5 craft supplies are.  So, pick one or both if you like.  Here are my answers:  I typically start my Christmas stuff in November.  I always shoot for earlier but with Halloween and my daughter's birthday, it always get's pushed back.  My top 5 craft supplies- that is super hard of course but I'll try... in no particular order- Big Shot, wafer thin dies (super love my feathers die from MFT right now), enamel dots, clear stamps (I can't pick a fave set, impossible, but for today, I'll say this Yeti set!), currently loving my Prismacolor colored pencils.  Oh and #6- coffee! :)

Thanks for visiting friends!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Krazy for Kraft

Good morning blogland!  I am participating in the Krazy for Kraft blog hop for Denami Designs today and am super excited to be participating! 

I've made this little card with the three owls stamp and sentiment from Denami.  I masked off the other two owls because I only wanted this tall skinny one, she is a cutie.  I love this sentiment too, it is perfect!  
In terms of cards, this is VERY CAS for me, usually I can't even come close to CAS but I feel that I've acheived it here, which makes me pleased.  Hoot, hoot, I did it! ;)

Speaking of someone who is a hoot, I got the pleasure to meet several yesterday, it was super cool.  I was with my friend Amy Tsuruta and met, Heather Campbell, Ashley Marcu, Jean Mannis, Karolyn Loncoln, Chunyuan Wu.  They are all pretty much stamping super stars, so how I got lucky enough to be a part of it is a mystery....  Anyway, when I was done being starstruck, we had some craft time and giggles, it was super fun. 

So for the Question of the Day- who is a super star you'd like to meet, stamping or otherwise and why?  I can't wait to hear all about it!

Next on the hop is Tammy Hobbs go check out her SUPER AMAZING card!  Big Wow on that Tammy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Labor Day Week!

Welcome to the first week of the new term for the Cut-it-Up Challenge blog!  I am so excited to be part of this team!  I don't know the ladies super well yet, but I can tell you they are filled with enthusiasm and encouragement and make some FABULOUS creations!

How appropriate that our for challenge would be to celebrate Labor Day since it celebrates the social and economic achievements of worker bees just like all of us!  BUT we are putting a little spin on our challenge and we mean to celebrate Labor day terms of a pregnancy or a new baby.  Isn't that fun?!  I totally love it and hope you do too!  Even better would be if you can and played along with us!

The rules are super simple!  First follow the Cut-it-Up blog.  Then, you just have to use a die cut in your *new* project and follow the theme.   Um....did I mention you can use any die cut machine?!  Yep, any die cut...electronic, manual, big, small, you name it and you can use it!  Note that hand held punches don't count, you  can view the complete rules here.   AND.............there is a prize of course!  This week the prize is being offered up by Too Cute by Jessica.  She has some supah adorable stuff and will be giving away a $20 gift certificate!  Whoa!

By now you should be plenty inspired to play along, but if not, here is the inspiration card I made for this weeks challenge.  I used my Big Shot (my #1 tool!) along with my Lawn Fawn star dies to make this fun shaped card.  The images are also Lawn Fawn from the sets Plus One and Critters Down Under.  If you need m
ore inspiration go check out the Cut-it-Up blog and the other DT blogs, there is loads of inspiration there.

Before you go, here is my Question of the Day- Do you have a die cutting machine?  If so which one and what is your favorite die of all time?

Now that we have that out of the way it is time for you to get cutting! You have until Wednesday, September 18th at 12:00 EST to link up your creation.  Ready...set....GO!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's official!

Well folks, it is official.  As of today I have a kindergartener in my midst!  She was pretty happy to go off to school today, though I know she was nervous once she was around the other kiddos.  She wouldn't even say hi to one of her little BFF's because she was feeling so shy!  She will work it out though, I know.  I shed some tears but I am feeling better about it now and get to leave shortly to pick her up.  Here are some photos of my love on her first day.

Blueberry was pretty excited too!  She loves learning! ;)

Proud Papa

Waiting for the bus and striking a pose at her new door!

So... Are you tired of hearing about how simultaneously sad and excited I am about my big girl and her transition to Kindergarten?  I don't blame you since this is a craft blog. :)  How's about I give you a little info about that cutie little sign I made to mark the first day.  One thing I like about this sign is that I can put it in a scrapbook page or something, it will be a nice add on.  It was pretty simple to make really, just a little DP, a fat popsicle stick, some dies and some apple stamps.   The black letters really pop and scream school all over.   I know the words on the stick look runny or smeared but that is just from curve in the vase...  The letters are from my favorite Quinn's ABC's from Lawn Fawn, the Apple from the Smarty Pants set from Paper Smooches.

Did you think I was done?!  As if I wouldn't enter it into some challenges since half of the ones out there are all about school right now!!!  First Lawnscaping's A few of my favorite things , second- CASology's #60 apple and third- Curtain Call's Back to School.   Maybe this cutie pants model of mine will get me some extra points in the challenges! ;)

So today's Question of the Day is- What was your favorite subject in school?  I know you all must have liked art!!! :)  If that is your answer what kind of art?  I liked art myself and enjoyed using colored pencils and watercolors, though I was no star.  I really enjoyed studying various religions in college, pretty fascinating what people believe in and how they come by it.  We are all so different and yet all people- pretty cool.  OK, your turn to answer the question.

Thanks for stopping by again!