Friday, October 29, 2010

In search of a new home...

I have a whole lot of used stamp sets (and a few other items that are looking for a new home!  Maybe you could be the lucky one?!  I have listed names and prices of each item, but feel free to make me an offer.  However, prices don't include shipping, that will be calculated and added.  Ink pads are $2/each (a few are unopened).  Email me if you are interested-!

Mini Messages- $8

Picture This (Clear Mount)- $5

Best Wishes & More- $12

A Happy Heart- $10

New Beginnings- $7

Sprinkles- $5

Of the Earth (new unmounted)- $7

Going out in style- $7

Patterened Pines- $5

Very Thankful- $5

Amazing to Zany??- $20

Doodle This- $12- SOLD

Birthday Bliss (New unmounted)- $7- SOLD

Scary Skeleton- $5- SOLD

Things I love- $7

Mr Twigster- $7

Hello Again- $7

God's Beauty (new unmounted)- $8

Good Neighbor (clear mount)- $8

Ink Pads- $2 each
Barely Banana


Blue Bliss
Mauve Mist
Ruby Red
More Mustard

Lavendar Lace

Green Galore
Mellow Moss
Almost Amethyst
Pixie Pink
Yo-Yo Yellow

Heat Tool- $15

Friday, October 22, 2010

Who coined it?

Did you ever wonder who coined the term "back-seat driver"?  Well I tell you, I never really wondered who, but I am quickly learning how the term came about.  It does seem pretty obvious that a back-seat driver would be someone attempting to drive from the back-seat.  However, I've always equated it with my spouse or someone in the passenger seat, so really a "passenger-seat driver."  No more!  I now have an official back seat driver!  The comedic part is that she isn't even 3 yet and doesn't know the rules of the road!

Yep, my little Soap Suds (as I call her) is the new queen of the car!  She sits in her car seat in the middle of the back and instructs my husband and I how to drive.  When she sees a red light...even if we aren't to it yet and the other cars are hundreds of yards in front of us, she yells, "STOP!!!  It's a red light!!!"  All the while her whole body is shaking...dramatic much?!!!  Or alternately, she'll tell us to "Go! Go! Go!" when the light is green despite the fact that the cars in front of us haven't moved yet.  Yes, my dramatic little toddler thinks she knows the rules of the road.  Most of the time it is funny and entertaining....can't wait until she is old enough to drive herself (yeah right)!!!!  Why did she have to learn about green, yellow and red lights in school?!  I mean really, why does she have to learn anything?! ;) 

So while I don't know who coined the term "back-seat driver", I am pretty sure it is because they were driven mad by their 3 year old constantly shouting directions from the back seat of the car!!! :)  And what does that have to do with today's card?  NOTHING, I just wanted to share my funny Sophism with you. 
This card is for a friend who is taking a new job.  I cased the basic layout from Jackie's ever so lovely card, which you can find here.  Thanks Jackie!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Custom Made Holiday Cards- Order Now!

I am offering custom made holiday cards again this year.  Here are the details on what/how to get them:

Things to remember:
• 10 cards & envelopes per box
• One design per box
• Choose from 3 designs (below)
• Order in bulk and receive 10% off additional boxes after first box

• $20/box
• $38/2 boxes- 20 cards (up to 2 designs)
• $56/3 boxes- 30 cards (up to 3 designs)

*prices do not include shipping, if this is needed you will also have to pay this fee, if you are local (King/Snohomish Co.) we can arrange for pick up.

Orders accepted until November 25, 2010. Cards delivered by December 15, 2009

Please contact me if you are interested-

#of Boxes
List card design choice(s)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting my grump on....

Unfortunately, this afternoon I am getting my grump on.  Not sure why.  Maybe I am just gearing up for Halloween, I hadn't planned a costume, but I see a witch in my future.... :)  Seriously though, I came here and thought that my little blog might cheer me up. Hello little blog, it has been a while. 

So lets talk ghouls and goblins.  I don't think I have ever been a huge halloween fan as an adult.  I mean of course I liked it as a kid as any kid who loves candy does, but as I got a little older I thought much less of it. 

However, since my Soph's came, I have been much more interested in the holiday.  One reason is likely that her birthday falls just a few days after Halloween but I think it is also just soooo fun to dress her up.  I just love seeing how happy she gets when she picks out her "special pumpkin" or picks what she wants to dress up as for the holiday. I have also discovered, that after Christmas, this is my second favorite holiday to decorate the house for.  Not sure why, maybe it is the fun combo of colors that really pop, but it so fun.

In the last few weeks I have been working on a decoration of my own for the house.  It is an accordian album of last halloween.  Soph and her friend dressed up and trick or treating as well as the trip to the pumpkin patch.  It was fun to make and is even more fun to look at.  Here are the accordian pages one by one, front and camera battery is dead, :(  How about I post those tomorrow...

Grumpily Yours,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank you, can you ever say it enough?

Yesterday afternoon I was working on 25 thank you cards that a friend commissioned me to make.  (It is hard to tell here, but the color behind the flower is Concord Crush, as is the greeting, the color of the card is the retired Apricot Appeal.  And I took the pic crooked-doh!)  He is transitioning jobs (same organization, different projecct) and wanted to give all the people who had helped him throughout the current job at thank you.   I thought about what a wonderful thing he was doing acknowledging his appreciation.  Honestly, I don't think there can ever be too many thank you's in the world, you just can say it enough.

Right now this is especially true in my life as I am trying to teach my toddler about using manners.  I am generally pretty good about saying please and thank you anyway, but I want to set a good example for her.  So I am being extra dilligent and saying thank you, even for the smallest things.  In turn that those around me are more willing to help and/or contribute when they receive the praise.  Makes sense  doesn't it?!  And really it makes everyone feel better!  So....saying thank you is a good thing.

Now I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for visiting my blog and leaving encouraging comments!  If I never received feedback, I might not blog any more, but you do so I do!  We're all happy! :)  THANKS AGAIN!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy World Card Making Day!!!!

Yeah!!! I love WCMD!  Honestly, I just love making cards and I think every day should be a celebration of that, but why not have a special day too! 

I was over at the Paper Crafts Connection blog this am and I was really struck by what they said about friends and family.  They pointed out that no matter how different we think we are from other people there are still some things are the same and bring us together.  Such as....people all around the world making cards on the same day for people they love.  What a wonderful insight!  Think about it, even if there is someone you know you don't have much in common with....well, maybe they are out there making a card right now and that can bridge the gap!  Pretty awesome if you think about it.  Anyway, so what's the message, make friends, we are all the same on some level, even if we don't see it. :)

So with that, I'll give you a card I made dedicated to friends.   Have a wonderful day out there friends!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tomorrow is World Card Making Day

so what are you doing?  huh? huh? huh?  I am gonna spend some time crafting for sure and you can come back and see my WCMD blog post.  Check it, I am on the WCMD blog tour!