Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween + Blog Candy

Happy Halloween Ya'll!  Can I tell you about my cool costume that cost me $2.50!  That is right, 2 dollars and fifty cents...and that includes tax!  Ahem...thrifty queen!  :)

Most years I want to dress up and have a super cool costume, but I never want to spend that much money on it and I usually wait until that last minute and have nothing.  This is partially because my daughter's birthday is a few days after Halloween and when I have to choose, I put my time and effort into that, but I still like to believe I can do both.  I did have an idea this year, I was going to be a "Wanted Poster"- you know like in the old western movies.  It would have been pretty easy to make with some poster board.  Well true to form, I waited until the last minute.  However, the other day I was getting a few last minute things for her party and I was in the party decor aisle and there is was a Wanted Poster ($6.99) with a hole cut out for taking photos and I didn't have to do a thing!  Awesome-sauce!!!  I picked it up.... but then an aisle later I found a HUGE Ace card (I am talking 2 X 3 feet!) and it was $2.39.  Um...I am going to cut a hole out so I can stick my face in and be an "Ace in the Hole!"  Feeling so proud of myself for being creative and cheap! ;)

Meanwhile, my kiddo is going to be a Ninja.  I love that my girl loves all

things that are traditionally "boy" or "girl" and doesn't feel pressured to fit a gender stereotype.  Hello 21st Century! :)

Here is a quick glance at a card I made a while back with the Mama Elephant set Up and Away.  Such a cute set, I just love it.  I think this would be make a great encouragement card for someone.  Unfortunately the card is a little dark, but that was before I bought an amazing photo box...oh well.

OK, we all know why you are here ;), on to the goods.  You want some of this blog candy all you have to do is:

1. Follow this blog
2. Leave a comment about the post and let me know you are a follower

So what do you say?!  I say go for it, you know you want those feather stickers!!!!

Oh and for today's Question of the Day- what is your favorite sweet?  I myself love Reeses PB cups!!!!!  If you don't do sweets what is your fave alternative?

OK, now go get your Boo on folks!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Flashback Friday- The next generation

Hello and Happy Sunday Folks!  I hope you've been enjoying your last few weeks and the festivities of Canadian Thanksgiving and upcoming Halloween (if you celebrate them).

I have been pretty busy and didn't ask too many questions the last two weeks but there are still some great answers you all provided for FF!   But before we get to that let me show you two things.  First a card, made by my daughter, and sent to Amy Tsuruta in thanks for fun times and a few small gifts she gave to her.  This is Sophie's card.  An expert in the making for sure!  But in case you are having a little trouble with the artistic interpretation of my 5 year old, here is a description-  Sophie with her baby fox pet and the foxes binky.  There are birds in the sunny sky and bubbles popping.  

Also, here is a flashback from my 6th birthday- a mug from some family friends.  I distinctly remember this party at Chuck-E-Cheeses.  I remember running around like mad, playing in the ball pit, hurting my pinky toe and receiving this gift.  I've been promising my daughter for a year now that when she turns 6 I will pass down this family heirloom (ahem) to her.  That day is only one week away!  EEK!  She has promised in return to share it with me though, since I am obviously attached. :) 

Putting pep in my step! (10/14)
Q- What is your dream job?
A- SusieCraftHappy said- "Oh and my dream job...Homemaker...I know its old fashioned, but if I could stay home and just care for my home and all that's in it I think I would be very happy. Of course I would be crafting too. That goes without saying."

Fall Festivities (10/16)
Q- Do you celebrate Halloween or Fall in any way? If so what is your tradition?
A- Evelyn said, "We celebrate Halloween by making a jack-o-lantern every year even though my kids are grownups now!"

Use What you Have and Seize the Sketch (10/25)
Q- Do you make your own holiday cards? If so, when do you start?

A- Arlene said, "Oh, Question of the Day - of course I make my own cards. I am so still in the mood of making Christmas cards that I keep on making them after Christmas day...."

Your turn, your Question of the Day, what do you want to know?

Thanks for stopping!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Use what you have & Seize the sketch

Hiya Friends!  How is that Flashback Friday is here again?!  Well I am going to come back this weekend to share FF, today I want to share a card that I made for the Use What you Have Challenge#20 and Seize the Sketch #6.

I have two brand new sets from Sweet Stamp Shop that I was wanting to use, Happy Hour and Speedy Greetings.  Now the point of UWYH is to not get new stuff, but I ask you how can you not have new fabulous stamps??!  Well that is not possible!  But I didn't buy the sets for this challenge, I just *needed* them. :) 

Anyhoo, I did use what I have in terms of paper.  Check out this scrap bin of card stock!  No it is not organized in any way, shape or form.  I dream of organizing it by color but I don't have the space at the moment, and really this works just fine.  Not pretty but effective enough.  See that sparkly little green piece there on the right, that is the one that caught my attention.  I wanted to use it to make a Christmas card with the martini glass from Happy I did.  For the layout I used the Seize the Sketch 6 layout.  I had just enough green to make that banner hanging down the right side- per-fect!  OK, I know what you are thinking and you are right I don't normally create Christmas cards this early, but the mood struck me, what can I say.   

Do you know what I love about this card the most?  OK, besides the glitter and the martini, which I would love to drink right now... it is the sentiment.  The though of making a list for Santa and telling him to "Grab a straw, this is serious" ...aka sit down because this could be a long list and we need to talk Mr!  just makes me laugh!  But you know what, he might be in need of a martini too, so might be willing!

Time for the Question of the Day- Do you make your own holiday cards?  If so, when do you start?

Enjoy your day folks!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

I seem to be getting my days screwed up again!  Oh well! 

I am over at the Little Tangles blog today with a tutorial on how to tackle a sketch, won't you come visit me?

Here is a sneak peak of the two cards I have over there.

PS- Don't forget to come display your die cut halloween spirit at the Cut-it-up Blog, the current challenge ends next Wednesday!

Thanks for Stopping friends! 

Friday, October 18, 2013


It is Cut-it-up Challenge time again and this round is focusing on Halloween or Day of the Dead (Dio de los Muertos).  Won't you come and play with us?

Here is my take on the inspiration.  I used spellbinders Label #9 for my die with the striped DP.  The tranditional halloween colors of orange black and purple are here with various cardstock and DP.  I used black embossing powder on this lovely bat from Inkadinkadoo.  Finally I added some bling in the form of N&T sequins and black enamel dots from MME.   If you need some more frightful AND delightful inspiration be sure to check out the Cut-it-up blog and all the other DT girls creations, they are awesome as always!

How to play?
1. Follow the CIU blog.
2.  Create a *new* project based on the them and use die cuts (any die cut)
3.  Link it up to the blog.
(Check out the full rules on the CIU blog if you like)

Of course there is a prize!  A $5 gift certificate to Digital Delights.  AWESOME!  Come check it out!  You have until October 30th to enter.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall Festivities

Do you think it is a bad sign that when I got my coffee yesterday am (Tuesday) and walked out I said to the gal, "Have a good weekend!"???  She looked at me like wha?... but I didn't understand why until today.  Um.... tired much.  Probably because my life right now consists of wake-up, shower, study, drive to work, study, work, study, eat breakfast, study, study, study.  I am exaggerating a little.... BUT it totally feels that way.  Thank goodness this program is short lived!  Meanwhile, remember that one day I got to craft, well I made 3 cards that day and I am down to the last of my stock or photo reserves, so I will have to get a few new ones in soon so I have more to share!

I don't know about you, but one of the things I love seeing along with Halloween decor in the fall is dried corn stalks and wheat bundles.  Not sure why, maybe it reminds me of my childhood.  We had a garden with corn and lived near some farms.  In fact, one of my teen summer/fall jobs was picking cukes, corn and pumpkins for one of the local farms and sitting at the farm stand helping sell.  I am *sure* that I had a wheat shoot sticking out from between my teeth and was wearing pigtails and overalls! OK, not necessarily true, but totally possible.  It was during a time when having overall shorts that were clipped on only one side was hip... and oh boy was I ever hip! ;)

Anyhoo, so this card fills me with nostalgia and makes me appreciate the fall.  Currently loving the cold but crisp and sunny days and the nights were you snuggle up in your covers.  This weekend we are going to the pumpkin patch and I fully intend to enjoy the fall signs and games there along with some apple cider!  So here is some wheat (again Stampers Anonymous) embossed gold with little color added by Neat and Tangled sequins (they have a fall bundle) and some twine.  Very simple but has a few eye-catching elements.  I am entering this in to the Dynamic Duos Challenge and the Ribbon Carousel Blog Challenge and the City Crafters Blog Challenge.

Question of the Day- do you celebrate Halloween or Fall in any way?  If so what is your tradition?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Putting pep in my step!

Well I have to tell you, though I am exhausted, I am starting Monday with a pep in my step!  I was announced as a Show Stopper at the Curtain Call this am for this card and I have these two cards (#1 & #2 showcased on the TAWS blog!  Woop!  So I think that encouragement will help me get through my day.  Thank you for thinking these cards are great! :) :) :)

And now I'd like to share another fall/Halloween card with you using that same Stamper Anonymous set that I used on Friday.  What I love about this card is the contrast of the DP in behind the pumpkin layer from Graphic 45.  Typically, this isn't my style of DP but I loved the blue in this, it really grabbed my attention.  Even using it makes me feel kind of daring!  I know...I live a dangerous life! ;)  I didn't plan it, but this totally works with this week's ColorQ, so I am joining that challenge and another entry for the City Crafters Challenge.

For today's Question of the Day I wanted to use CM's question because I liked it so much.  Her question is, "What is your dream job?"
Well, that is a hard one to answer CM, but I think I really enjoy crafting (go figure!) and maybe just being so good at it (not necessarily a job) that I get published a lot and people just want to give me free  product to try out.  That would be awesome!  I think not having to work full time would be the way to go. :)  What about you?

BTW- Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all you wonderful Canadian's out there! :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Flashback Friday- Beware of Poison!

Long time no blog eh?!  I wish I could have been doing much more here and much more creating.  Alas, it will likely be slower for me for the next few months as I am taking a super intense class at the moment.  I hope you'll still stop by even though my blogging will be more sporadic.

Today I wan't share a card with you that I made using a new set from Stampers Anonymous, the Tim Holtz Collection.  I like these sketchy stamps with the measurements and notes on them, they lend themselves to the shabby chic look no problem.   While there are a lot of them I wouldn't buy, I knew this one had to be mine the minute I saw it.  What I like about this set is that it is fun for Halloween but also a good fall set.  I don't tend to make too many fall seasoned cards, but I've already made three with this, so that has to tell you something.  :)  What I love about this card in particular is the non-traditional Halloween color of blue and the glittery enamel dots just add something special.  They make me think of what is inside that poison bottle and what it might look like bubbling out the top....(insert evil laugh) bwahahahaha!

I am entering this into the Inspired By Challenge #92,  The City Crafter's Challenge #180. and the Ribbon Carousel Blog Challenge- Halloween/Fall.  Here is the inspiration they provided.

Onto Flashback Friday?  I think so!  Here are the questions and responses from the last two weeks:

PSL10 (9/29/13)
Q-  from CM who wants to know what your favorite cookie recipe is?
A- Kimberly provided a recipe for her fave Pumpkin Squares-

Bella of the Ball (10/1/13)
Q- Besides coffee, what helps perk you up when you are in need?
A- Amy said, "Unfortunately beside coffee, snacking helps me to wake up or I tell myself that it does...LOL."

Frightful or Delightful? (10/3/13)
Q- what was your favorite Halloween costume you've ever seen or worn?
A- CM said, "Favourite Halloween costumes (so far) are those my niece and nephew word last year: she was a bat (cutest bat EVER), and he was a billy goat...complete with a wee billy goat beard. Excited to see what they'll be this year! Fab post, as always!"

Hope Floats (10/4/13)
Q- Since this card is for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, how about telling me what your cause is, cancer, MS, autism?   There were so many answers..mental illness, cancer, breast cancer, MS, autism.  I realized what I should have asked is what you do to support your cause?  Feel free to let me know now, I'd love to hear. :)

You know the drill, for today's Question of the Day, you decide what to ask?  What do you want to know about me or your fellow crafters?  Here are a few to help get your mind moving- 

  • If you could take any class (cost or time, etc. is no object) what would it be?  
  • When you need to blow some steam, how do you do it?
  • Besides papercrafting, what is your favorite form of art?
  • Who is your favorite comedian?  
  • etc, etc, etc. 
Happy Friday all!  I truly hope you enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hope Floats

No, I am not talking about the movie featuring Sandra Bullock.  I am talking about the how being hopeful, keeps our spirits up and selves afloat.  Versus negative thinking which draws you down.  Which isn't to say I don't do my share of both by the way!  Though I do try to keep the good in perspective with every situation.

I made this card for this week's Cut it up Challenge.  The theme is Think Pink for breast cancer awareness month.  Many of us have been touched by cancer in our lives, afflicting ourselves or someone we know.   Yet cancer research has come so very far and we and continues to make strides.  So hope feels like an appropriate message.  Whether cancer has touched your life, we invite you to come along and play.  AND, if doing if for the purposes of aultruism isn't enough, well then you can try your hand at winning a prize!

This week's prize is sponsored by two generous sponsors!  There is a $20 gift certificate to As Cute as a Button AND a $10 gift certificate to  My Scrap Chick.  AWESOME!

Challenge rules:
1.  Follow the Cut-it-Up blog.  
2.  Use a die cut in your *new* project and follow the theme.   Um....did I mention you can use any die cut machine?!  Yep, any die cut...electronic, manual, big, small, you name it and you can use it!  Note that hand held punches don't count.
3. Link up to the blog.
(you  can view the complete rules here.)

For this card I used a lot of different dies.  The letters are from Lawn Fawn's Quinn's ABC's die, the large butterflies are from Simon Says Stamp and the little ones from an Embosslit from Stampin' Up!  The papers are MME and SU! and the sentiment is from Reverse Confetti.  For my layout I used Seize the Sketch #5.  While I am at it, I am also entering this into Fetti Faves over at RC. :)

So I hope you are feeling inspired and will come play along with us!  The last contest was so great and there were almost 60 entries.  So fabulous, all of them!

Did you want a Question of the Day?  How about telling me what your cause is, cancer, MS, autism?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frightful or Delightful?

I have officially made my first Halloween card of the year.  Though I think they are fun I just don't give as many out and I tend to be in crunch time come fall. This one is a little non-traditional.  I certainly wouldn't call it frightful...maybe delightful?  I couldn't resist this DP in the background that seemed fall but also had some bright colors, so I just went with it.  Besides the paper the main driver were the birds on the wire, a die that accompanies a stamp from Hero Arts (though no stamp used here).  The stamped image of the vampire from PS was actually the last piece I applied, sort of an after thought, but I think it works.  :)

Fun fact about a group of Ravens, did you know they are called a Murder?!  They feed are scavengers who often feed on carrion, are extremely intelligent and are widely spread across most of the Northern Hemisphere.  AND with those beady, watchful eyes, it is no wonder people often think they are creepy and perfect for Halloween!

So I am entering this into the Deconstructed Sketch #120 , Paper Smooches SPARKS- Anything Goes and the Curtain Call Challenge Spooky Scene (even though it isn't that spooky!).

Today's Question of the Day is- what was your favorite Halloween costume you've ever seen or worn? My dad was really into dressing us up for Halloween and went all out with the makeup and fake skin.  I remember not being able to be something girly (like a fairy or princess) and feeling upset by it, but I made a pretty good Charlie Chaplin-esk fat man.  My brother and dad went as a Coneheads one year and that was pretty hilarious.  So what about you?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bella of the Ball

I don't know about you but I am seriously dragging today.  I am drinking my coffee and I might just have to load up on another later (maybe even a PSL10) if this doesn't kick in soon!  It will all be good by this time tomorrow though because I might still be sleeping! :)  I work today and class tonight so I am working from home tomorrow.  YAHOO!  I love not having to get up at the wee crack of dawn to get dressed, working in PJ's is awesome!

So I am not exactly feeling like the Bell of the Ball today, BUT I have a quick card share which I am calling Bella of the Ball because it features some Bella Blvd. products.   Can you believe it, there isn't one stamped bit on it?!?!  It is pretty CAS but it really shows off the product and frankly doesn't need much more.  A little twine and some wood chips and wah-lah!  I am entering this into the Moxie Fab World Ready Made Embellishment Challenge, the MFW- Wood, Cork and Metal Challenge.

So with all that in mind, today's Question of the Day is- Besides coffee, what helps perk you up when you are in need?

PS- Yesterday's question of the day was asking for fave cookie recipes and I haven't gotten any yet, please share! :)