Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's your sign?

Have you been paying any attention to the news about the 13th planet Ophiuchus (Opi-what?!?!) and possible changes in horoscopes?  Well, I've checked it out, not because I take a lot of stock in it, but it is interesting.  Although I will say, I do feel that Cancer (yes, I am crabby!!!)  fits me well and the potential thought of being a Gemini doesn't site well with me, but I suppose if it were to happen the world woulldn't end!  If you do take a lot of stock in it, don't freak out yet!  It seems that we here in the Western Hemisphere subscribe to a different astrological theories than the Eastern Hemisphere.  Ours correlate with the sun and seasons...blah, blah, there are no changes to your sign!  You can read more about this in a fun newspaper article here.

So today, I have a card for my friend Jan, who was (and still is) born of the age of Aquarius!  Are you humming along with me?  Jan is a very giving person and has such a big heart.  She loves to sew and makes quilts for just about everyone she knows, so I thought this was appropriate. :) When I started with this card it was rough going for me, but I was able to put this together and am happy with it. So here's to you Jan, you are SEW sweet! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mojo Monday 174

I don't have any turtle stamps, but I realized after I used this pre-stamp image (Thanks Tracey) that I am doing a  blog hop in March in which the theme is birthday and turtles.  I should have saved this, but oh well, I didn't.  I guess that means I'll just have to buy one.....DARN!  I made this card using the Mojo Monday 174 sketch.  So fun.  Thanks and hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What is your favorite color combo?

I have been out there blurfing (blog surfing) and am enamoured with some of the color combos I find.  I am so often stuck inside my little box that I forget to venture outside and then I come upon something fabulous and....BAM!  it shakes up my world.  It is so fun wonderful to look at the work of others and be inspired.  One of the items I am currently covetting is Paper Crafts current color inspiration magazine.  Some of these combos have my mouth watering they are so yummy!  I haven't yet gotten a copy of this mag, but I will have it, mark my words!  Isn't the cover alone to die for?!

So, with that in mind, I have been over at Moxie Fab World playing some of there color combo challenges to try to absorb all the wonderful Moxie Fabness they have to provide.  Check it out.... 

This is the first color combo I came across.  I have to be the first to say that this is definitely out of my comfort zone.  I look at these colors and I think ooey-gooey valentines and it is instantly too much for me.  BUT....all the more reason to see if I can pull of a card with them. 

So here is the card I came up with using these colros (or whatever seemed to be closest in my SU! collection)...

The next combo I found was the Jewel tones.  Now I LOVE this color combo, but incidentally, it was harder to work with than I thought it would be.  ...  I think my colors are a little off here as well, but I was doing these from memory so I think I did pretty well.
Last but not least is the metalic combo.  I really enjoyed working with this one.  This is my fave card of the three as well.  I am not sure you can tell from the picture because I still can take a decent photo to save my life.  It is all about the lighting, or so they tell me, but I work from O'Dark-thirty am to O'Dark-thirty pm, so not sure how to rectify that.  Any way, I think this is a nice color combo and a sweet card for a new baby girl.

So what is your fave color combo of these three?  What is your fave color combo period?  Do you have go to colors you immediatly pick up?  Bop on over to Moxie Fab World and check out these combos and other's for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Love Story

I want to make this post fun and witty, but I don't think that is gonna happen.  I am shot right now, 10 hour days are....well...they are looong.  See I can't even think of what to say.  So as not to bore you with my half-constructed run-on sentences, I just show you the picture of the card I call Love Story.  I was in a scrappy kind of mood when I made this one and wanted something a little different from my norm.  What do you think or this card and/or this style?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gray is the New Black

Hello folks!  Just wanted to share a fun card I made for Moxie Fab World's Gray is the New Black Challenge.  I was trying to think of a card that I would typically make with black cardstock, ribbon & accessories and then just replacing that with gray instead.  I actually put a different twist on it and went with silver rather than gray because I am running low on gray.  I think these colors worked out really well together.  I love this patterned paper and the bling is a nice touch.  This is one of my very fave stamp sets too, I {heart} Greeting Card Kids!  This was fun to make and color (I also {heart} coloring, one of my favorite techniques!!!!).  Per usual, my photography needs a little work (darn shadow!)  This challenge made me realize I need to do a little shopping and I definitely want some gray ink because it looks so cool! 

Check out the challenge and tons of other fun stuff on Moxie Fab World.  They really are Moxie FAB!  Enjoy your day!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Check out the OMC!

Check out the new Occassions Mini Catalog that is out!  There are some fabo sets in there!  Can I get a whoop-whoop for Sew Suite please?! 

Right now there is an awesome Filled with Love bundle that goes through Jan. 24th and you get the free bitty buttons when you purchase it.

Enjoy browsing!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You are gifted!

Forgive me for getting philosophical, but I was just musing over the fact that we all have different "gifts" in life.  I know this is no new revelation, but it was one of those "ah-ha moments" for me.  I've likely had it before and I'll likely have it again, but today I am utterly impressed by the people around me.  It is quite extraordinary really and of course what makes the world go round. 

For example, I know I am no writter and my blog posts are likely often boring to you (although I entertain myself to no end!  Mostly by making fun of myself like I am at this very moment!) but I look at my friend Jill's blog about her life (and her adorable daughter) it always so witty and fun to read! Then I skip over to my friend Tirzah's blog and she is such a charazmatic person! I love her spunk and look at the marvelouz pictures she takes!  Then I skip over to Heather's blog on ChicInk and she is making a very sucessful business making beautiful custom wedding invites!   Then there are all the friends inbetween, and although they don't have blogs are just as talented in one way or another...Emily the Sculpey Queen, Larry the Fairy, Lindsay who can always make me laugh (LBP- I say, "that would be like if my Aunt said to me....: and you say, "Um... that would be EXACTLY like that, because it is what I just said!") Krista who continually spreads the MN (Minesotta Nice) and so many more!!!!   All the while, blog after blog, person after person, I am thinking to myself, "I wish I could do that!"  and then I realize, I can't do everything and be everything, that is the whole point and why every one of us is unique in this world. 

So today, I dedicate this post to all you wonderful talented people out there!  This is for the ones I am lucky enough to know and those who I have yet to meet.  Thank you for being you!