Monday, February 7, 2011

Top 5

Time is such a funny thing!  Often I feel there is never enough time in the day but other times things seem to move much more slowly then I want them too.  Maybe it is just what I am doing with my time to much of certain things that I "have" to do and not enough time doing what I "want" to do.  Oh well, this is what I've got, so I'll just have to spend it the best way I can right!?!?

There are a few ways that I really love spending my time most.  Here is my top five list:
5. Sleeping.  I know it seems like a waste, but I am ALWAYS tired, so it feels like a good use of time to me.
4. Reading.  A good book is the perfect escape for me when I need it, and it can be done on the bus!
3. Laughing. Laughter is such good medicine, especially when done with friends and family!
2. Crafting.  I love stamping and making cards.  It is a good escape, creativity heals, AND you can easily spread your creations to others and share the job.
1. Loving.  First and foremost on my list is spending time with my family, especially cuddling my hubby and kissing my sweet pea Soph.  Poor girl gets so sick of my kisses! 

So what are the top 5 things you like to do?  Maybe I am missing something I didn't even know was out there!?

While you are here, check out this fun card I made for my friend Jessica for Handmade-Pay-It-Forward-2011.  Jess always makes me laugh, she is a fun, bubbly and predictably- unpredictable person.  She loves all things bright and enjoys sewing.  I think this was the perfect card for her.


Heather Hildebrant said...

I agree with your list. And I love this card. Especially the orange flower. Great job!

Tib said...

oh... I would love one of my cards on order to have the sewing machine. I have quite a few crafters in my life. xo

Good list, I concur - SLEEP is awesome!