Sunday, August 28, 2016

TPD- Little Things Make Life BIG!

All those little things in life, they add up to all that good we all experience every day.  The kisses from our kids and spouses, the sea spray, the shinning sun... all wonderful.  I'd love for you to share one little thing in your life that you think is wonderful and makes life big....

One more thing that is wonderful to me, stamps, of all kinds, I love them!  

Here is a fun (lovely really) set from Two Paper Divas. 

It is a dream for someone who likes to color or garden!  Pure perfection!

Thanks for visiting today and head on over to Two Paper Divas to check it all out!


Lisa said...

This is a delightful summer card Katie!

Gayla O'Dell said...

Katie....Beautiful job as always. We'll miss you but hope you get caught up, unpacked and settled. Keep in touch! Thanks for all your creativity and great cards!

Two Paper Divas said...

So pretty Katie! Always such fun to see what you had in store for us. Thanks for being part of our little family and I wish you all the best! We will keep in touch and I'll visit your site often for sure! Melissa