Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Whole Slew of New Stuff

OK, I know I am not good at keeping up on my blog but I have been busy. In fact, let me give you a run down on my week:

My mom and psuedo-Aunt were in town for my daughter's first birthday. It was a wonderful event and I have pictures to share. She ate all her cake up and just kept going like the energizer bunny until we decided to just put her down and she crashed with out one peep. Everyone had fun and enjoyed watching her play. Especially Samuel, who is two and helped her open her presents. Then, when the party was wrapping up, I felt sick. I thought it was because I hadn't eaten much besides cake, but it turned out I was getting the flu. It hit full strenght by Monday afternoon. I even laid down on my office floor. Later in the evening, I had a temperature and chills (forgot how much fun they AREN'T). To be honest, I am a baby when I get sick, I sit around and moan. I stayed home Tuesday and started to feel better. Then W came, I am home with the Bambino- wait strike that- toddler!!! She has her year check up, gets shots and is needless to say very upset. To top that off, she recently moved to the "Big Kids" daycare and we are weaning her off the bottle. She was miserable yesterday, poor girl. I did feel sorry for her, but I also started feeling sorry for myself (poor me). Then Jeremy came home and took over for a while. So that is the long version of why it takes me so long to post.

Things are looking up though. In face, this evening I plan to put at least 3 new posts up if not more. So be on the look out for some great new projects I have been making.

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