Monday, April 13, 2009

A whole slew of projects

OK, I am behind on my posting just as I was behind getting my Easter cards out. It is so hard to make what I "need" to make, I'd rather make what I want to make. That however, means that I go by my creativities flow and some things that should get done don't. For example, I got my Easter cards out on Thursday and I know they didn't get there in time. I try to do everything.
Speaking of, here is the card I made for my dad, cute but not too feminine. I like this little guy, not sure who makes the stamp, thought it was an AMUSE one, but was checking and can't be sure.

And since we are talking Easter, here are a few shots of my girl hunting for eggs for the first time! She eventually got the idea of putting them in her basket and then would just dump them out again and start over.
And here is one of her with her buddy Samo- we went to the zoo for a hunt and other fun activities. Nice that they do that being that we live in a city and don't have a yard. The kids had tons of fun (although you can't tell in this picture) , it was cold, but didn't rain!
Finally, dyeing eggs. She wasn't interested in the eggs, she just wanted to dip her hand in the vinegar water and lick it off- ew! :)
OK, back to work. (I know, I know, this is going to be the longest post in the world!). So I was inspired last thursday (4/9) to enter the Stampin' Up! Artisan Award contest. Now I should just preface by saying that the entries (10 items- 3 scrapbook pages, 5 cards, 2 3-5) have to be to SU! headquarters by 4/20. That is a Monday and is located in Utah. So basically, I had a week or less to make all this and get it there in time.
#2 (In case you are wondering about #1, that is last). This was one of my first cards I made for it. I thought it had a nice variety of color and the layout was nice, the flowers are cut out and watercolored and finished with some ribbon. Displays that I can do watercoloring.

#2- not what I had originally intended, but what I ended up with. It doesn't display any difficult techniques, but I like the layout. I was slightly dissapointed however.

#3- this is the card that broke me. I used the pop up cake die and put a scene going around it. This took me 2+ hours with the cutting and detailing. Hand made trees, snow capped. The train is very hard to cut out and I made a little man to go in the window. I folded and unfolded it so many times trying to make it just so that the inside stopped popping up. :( Furthermore, I was tired and didn't have the right stamp for the inside, but instead of waiting, just wrote my greeting in and I didn't like that. So- this is where on Saturday night (3 down 7 to go and knowing I wouldnt' have time on Sunday to create) I decided it wasn't worth all the stress and that now that I knew about it I could prepare for next year if I wanted to participate.
4/14 Update: The original idea for altering the pop up cake is not mine, the train was, but Mary Jo Albright made a castle that inspired me. It does not appear that she actually folds her cards, because they remain perfect! You can view her blog here-

#1- best for last. This was the first item I made. This too took me a long time because I used the swirly sizzlet by cutting them and peicing them back together. I also created a lot of flowers using die cuts. Now I LOVE this page- I love the picture and it is ornate and elegant. So what is wrong with it? One, I wasn't supposed to use a picture of myself and I did. I didn't read the rules was relying on second hand information so after I made this I found out I was going to have to re-make it. :( (so you can see after my choo-choo disaster I was really only at 2 completed projects 8 to go). However, part of me is happy that this page is now mine, I don't have to give it away to anyone, I can keep my fun page of Sophie and I to myself! :)

So now you know where I have been and what I have been doing. I was working on projects for this award and decided that it is too late in the game and the stress wasn't worth it. That just means that I can share my experience and projects with all of you!
Thanks for bearing with me in this LOOOOOOONG post.


Tracey said...

So glad you had a great Easter Katie! Love your projects and your kids are adorable!

Heather Summers said...

Love what you did with the train on the cake!!! Your kids are adorable as well!

Tib said...

Love the Lucky Duck card... I already used two of the cards I purchased from you! You need to bring in some more.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great job on all of these projects - you sure have been busy! And I just saw that you won Michelle's blog candy - congrats!!