Monday, December 29, 2008

Snowed In and Snowed OUT!

OK, I do love a bit of snow in the winter but this has been ridiculous! Seattle was snowed in (it only takes 6-12 inches folks!) for about a week. I didn't think that we would be able to drive to Spokane for Christmas. At last we made it, took the window of opportunity and break in the snow and drove. We got there with one donut tire (yes we had a flat on the way) but in once peice. We then went to Les Schwab to get patched up only to find that we were driving on 3 bald tires and a donut!! SO LUCKY we made it! So $200 later we have two new tires and still two to buy (not optimal timining but the safety of the family is better). To boot, Spokane & Coeur'd Alene had beetween 2 and 3 feet of snow. The morning we left (again window of opp) we had to dig out from the fresh 6 inches that had fallen and chain up. Here we are again and all SNOWED OUT, I am good for at least a year folks. You?!?!?

Meanwhile, you would have thought I would have gotten some new posts up but I was busy chasing my daughter around and having battles with snow shovels, sorry! I will have a few new ones this week though, so stay tuned.

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