Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Did you know today is Earth Day?!  Wow, what a WONDERFUL day to celebrate, I mean after all, if it wasn't for thsi planet, we wouldn't be here right!  I love this place!  What wonders it holds, the amazing sights, the brilliant colors, it is just fabulous.  Although I am pretty good at using biodegradable projects and recycling, I want to do a little more today, I want to find one more thing I can do better...and here is why- check this dump out in the middle of the Pacific! 

This crazy place is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, twice the size of Texas!  Apparently on is forming in the Atlantic as well.  Does that blow your mind or what?!?! 

So I don't want to be a total downer today, I just want us all to do our part, sounds easy enough right.  Remember, in addition to reducing waste and recycling, we can REUSE too.  Check this card out I made last night!  I cut, cleaned and flattened a Vanilla Coke can to make the flowers.  Simply put them through my Big Shot (this sucker can cut up to 50+ different kinds of material- leather, fabric, certain types of metal...) with my Flowers Layers #3 die and whalah!

In addition, I aways keep my useable paper scraps unless they are about the size of a quarter or smaller (I keep those sometimes too!) and this card used scraps from Night and Day DSP, Real Red, Basic Black and Apricot Appeal Card Stock.  Anyway, just think of all the possibilities if you reuse other things and keep scraps... ENDLESS!

So go have a great day!  Apreciate the Planet and do something good for it.  In the end you'll be doing something good for you too!!!


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Tib said...

Way to reduce and reuse sister, and it looks good too!