Friday, April 23, 2010

Here's to you Senior Shikiar!

My boss is retiring in the next few weeks. :(  While we aren't super close, I do like him and will be sad to see him go.  It is kinda weird to even think about, and of course it is making me a little anxious and eager for my own change.  Although it won't change my job much overall, it does have some underlying implications- my foundation is shifting.  I just have to remember that the only thing that is guaranteed in life is change and here it is! 

Soooooo, what do you care?  Well, I make most of the cards for my co-workers work related occassions (office birthdays, going away, congratulations, etc).  I have another friend in a different department down the hall who makes the cards for her group :).  It is fun and rewarding to do.  Anyway, I made a retirement card for my boss.  Kept it masculine and simple, used some of my new DSP from the summer mini.  I used a stamped image my friend Tracey sent me a long time ago, I was just waiting for the right occassion and here it is!  I think it is appropriate, don't you?  I make these cards big (6X6) so everyone has room to sign.

Anyway, hope you have a day similar to this little Riley here (Hannah Stamps), nice and relaxing.  Remember to go with the flow and roll with the changes! 


Tib said...

I think that is so appropriate. I should send him an email. What a huge shift this will be for the entire organization. Just remember to breathe... change is challenging for everyone. I am always here to talk to.

Anonymous said...

What a very nice card, Katie! And smart for making a large size, too. I also loved your last card!!

Tracey said...

This is fabulous Katie! I never thought to use that image for a retirement card but it is perfect!! xx