Friday, April 9, 2010

Mojo Monday & Artisan Update

Well I have a few updates to give. The first is that I decided not to enter the Artisan Award contest. I have a lot of great things, but after my second 3D didn't come together as I wanted it to for about the 5th time, I got really frustrated. I took half day off work today to come home and work on it and it still wasn't working out. Don't worry, this isn't a total downer, I swear, keep reading! After a little time to veg (I watched a movie) I decided it was OK if I didn't enter, I decided I could enter some of my items in SU!'s monthly contest or some other catalog contests. In actuality, I did learn a lot about myself and realized I am more creative than I thought I was, my other 9 projects are pretty good and miles apart from what I could create when I started this business, so not all is lost. :) All in all, I feel pretty good about myself right now. I wanted to thank some of you for that, for your help and encouragement, it really means a lot and I couldn't have done it without you! THANK YOU!

Now, onto something sweeter! I wanted to show you one of the cards I made this week during this whole process. It wasn't going to be one of my entries, but it is kinda a cute card anyhow. I made this card using this weeks Mojo Monday sketch number 133. Here is what the sketch looked like. My card is slightly different, but mostly the same. I wanted to use this little Just Buzzing By set so I could use my pastels to watercolor the image.

Anyway, those are my updates. And JUST MAYBE, I'll win something from the Mojo Monday blog. :) Thanks again for all your support!

Happy Friday!!!!!


Heather Hildebrant said...

I'm a little sad that you're not entering - I wanted to hear all about dinner with Shelli and the designers after you won - but, I'm glad you're not stressed anymore! Cute card!

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Thanks HH! I'll tell you all about the stamp set I win from the WOW Art File instead OK and even let you borrow it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Well, I applaud your attitude, Katie! And good for you for trying in the first place. I think what you learned is probably far more important than anything. Your card today is just lovely! A great, great card!