Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Roads Lead Home

This is a fun photo frame I made for my friend Krista who recently bought her first house- yeah! Congrats Krista! I was inspired when I saw this big mat frame at my favorite scrapbook store (Urban Scrapbookers). If you know Krista at all you know that she LOVES maps and LOVES the color red. With that in mind- I wanted to make something with a map and found this route sign shaped map. The map is also great for her because she travels a lot for work and pleasure and because I met her in College in Olympia but she lives in MN- a long trip. I added a car and the words "all roads lead...", then I glittered the word home. The arrows point to a star on the map- the destination- her home. The red backdrop has some trucks stamped on it in versamark (which you can't see here). Finally, I added a few eyelets up high just for a bit more of a industrial look. I hope she likes it, just mailed it last week to congratulate her on the new home!

Love you Krista!

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