Monday, May 4, 2009


Yep, that's right, yum-yum! I love it when it gets nice out and I can consume cold things- I think I prefer cold things. Is that weird? Maybe but I have to say if I have my choice between hot and cold drink, I always choose cold unless it is already freezing out. So I am glad the weather is nice and it is getting warm out. :) These next two cards are fun cards that represent some of those yummy things.

First, is the card I made for the From Courtney's Closet on Libby Hickson's blog. Here is Courtney and her outfit for inspiration.

She is pretty cute! I wish adults could wear what kids wear and be so cute, but that is OK, I'll leave that to Courtney and my little Sophie.

Here is the card- a good likeness to her outfit don't you think? I had fun making the ice cream and the background paper with the cherries. MMMM- ice cream on a hot day, or better yet, a milkshake! Did I mention, cold drinks are yummy!?!

5/5 ETI: I thought I'd share that those ice cream scoops were EASY as pie to make. I used my scallop circle punch for each color and then I cut around the top, including 5 scallops at the bottom. I saw a card with something similar at Seattle Regionals. (To be honest, I didn't even worry about how perfect the blue and green scoops were b/c they are covered by the regal rose scoop.) The come is simply a shape of creamy caramel paper with some grids drawn on with my chocolate chip marker.

My first love, before milkshakes, is actually iced coffee. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Even when it is cold out I often order it. Just so you don't miss out, in order of preference, these are the drinks I recommend you get:

  1. Cafe' Ladro Iced Single Tall Soy Caramel (sauce) latte- YUMMERS X10! that one is a mouthful to say and hard to remember but worth it if you have a Cafe' Ladro in your neck of the woods. (Seattle)
  2. Cuppa Jo or other Iced single tall Mocha with CHOCOLATE whip cream- yep you heard me right! That is what makes this drink. Although if you gave me a drink with out, I would still have it. :) (Cuppa Jo is in Seattle)
  3. Java's single tall Mexican Mocha with whip. Again the whip is really what seals the deal, something about it is just so good- actually it almost tastes like ice cream. Now I have to be honest, I love this drink hot and the type of cup it comes in. Actually, this is probably the one drink I prefer to get hot because of th nice cold whip that is like ice cream that melts in the big mug...crud, there is drool on my keyboard! (Coeur'd Alene, ID)
  4. Lastly, Starbuck's (should be easier to get since Starbucks is EVERYWHERE) single tall iced carmel machiatto.

OK, you should be sufficiently caffinated with a good bit of sugar so on to the card! ;) I borrowed the set from a girl friend so I am working to get all the use out of it I can. That is what I do, sometimes I even just stamp a bunch of images on WW card stock and use them later. I wish I could have EVERY stamp set, but alas... Here is my card using some of that lovely To the Nines Specialty DSP from SU! I really like this bluish/green & brown color combo. This stamp set is super cute too.

OK, thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day filled with warm weather and plenty of iced drinks!


Anonymous said...

Both of your cards are super cute, Katie! What an adorable ice cream cone you made!

Basement Stamper said...

Great cards and great minds think alike!! Love that you added the cherry background paper, I was thinking of stamping the background of mine too.

Libby Hickson said...

These are both so cute Katie!! I love the ice cream cone, how awesome that you made it with scallop circles!! And now I'm feeling an urge for a Starbucks run...!!