Friday, October 22, 2010

Who coined it?

Did you ever wonder who coined the term "back-seat driver"?  Well I tell you, I never really wondered who, but I am quickly learning how the term came about.  It does seem pretty obvious that a back-seat driver would be someone attempting to drive from the back-seat.  However, I've always equated it with my spouse or someone in the passenger seat, so really a "passenger-seat driver."  No more!  I now have an official back seat driver!  The comedic part is that she isn't even 3 yet and doesn't know the rules of the road!

Yep, my little Soap Suds (as I call her) is the new queen of the car!  She sits in her car seat in the middle of the back and instructs my husband and I how to drive.  When she sees a red light...even if we aren't to it yet and the other cars are hundreds of yards in front of us, she yells, "STOP!!!  It's a red light!!!"  All the while her whole body is shaking...dramatic much?!!!  Or alternately, she'll tell us to "Go! Go! Go!" when the light is green despite the fact that the cars in front of us haven't moved yet.  Yes, my dramatic little toddler thinks she knows the rules of the road.  Most of the time it is funny and entertaining....can't wait until she is old enough to drive herself (yeah right)!!!!  Why did she have to learn about green, yellow and red lights in school?!  I mean really, why does she have to learn anything?! ;) 

So while I don't know who coined the term "back-seat driver", I am pretty sure it is because they were driven mad by their 3 year old constantly shouting directions from the back seat of the car!!! :)  And what does that have to do with today's card?  NOTHING, I just wanted to share my funny Sophism with you. 
This card is for a friend who is taking a new job.  I cased the basic layout from Jackie's ever so lovely card, which you can find here.  Thanks Jackie!

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, cute Katie! I love the colors, and your felt leaves! Thanks for the link up!

NinaB said...

What a cute card with that owl. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a great weekend!

MelissaS said...

I found your blog from the Paper Crafts FB page. Such a cute card! I love the felt leaves with the owl! And LOL about your little backseat driver. As I was following someone who was driving slowly the other day, my son said to me "You know, you could just go around him..." He's 6. Too funny!

Monika/Buzsy said...

Such a cute owl card Katie. Love the colors, the paper strips... the felt leaves are the perfect embellishments. :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie!
Just stopping by. :)
This card is super cute!


Glenda said...

This is so cute! I love your colours and papers! (and the owl of course!)