Thursday, January 6, 2011

You are gifted!

Forgive me for getting philosophical, but I was just musing over the fact that we all have different "gifts" in life.  I know this is no new revelation, but it was one of those "ah-ha moments" for me.  I've likely had it before and I'll likely have it again, but today I am utterly impressed by the people around me.  It is quite extraordinary really and of course what makes the world go round. 

For example, I know I am no writter and my blog posts are likely often boring to you (although I entertain myself to no end!  Mostly by making fun of myself like I am at this very moment!) but I look at my friend Jill's blog about her life (and her adorable daughter) it always so witty and fun to read! Then I skip over to my friend Tirzah's blog and she is such a charazmatic person! I love her spunk and look at the marvelouz pictures she takes!  Then I skip over to Heather's blog on ChicInk and she is making a very sucessful business making beautiful custom wedding invites!   Then there are all the friends inbetween, and although they don't have blogs are just as talented in one way or another...Emily the Sculpey Queen, Larry the Fairy, Lindsay who can always make me laugh (LBP- I say, "that would be like if my Aunt said to me....: and you say, "Um... that would be EXACTLY like that, because it is what I just said!") Krista who continually spreads the MN (Minesotta Nice) and so many more!!!!   All the while, blog after blog, person after person, I am thinking to myself, "I wish I could do that!"  and then I realize, I can't do everything and be everything, that is the whole point and why every one of us is unique in this world. 

So today, I dedicate this post to all you wonderful talented people out there!  This is for the ones I am lucky enough to know and those who I have yet to meet.  Thank you for being you!


Tib said...

You are such a sweetheart~

Anonymous said...

This is cute...good job on your watercoloring!

Heather Hildebrant said...

Thanks Katie. You are the best!