Monday, March 7, 2011

When life gives you limes...make margaritas!

OK, I know you've heard that saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" right!?!  Well i am actually partial to this version of it, "when life gives you limes, make margaritas!"  And that my friends is just what I am going to do.  :)

Recently I submitted a few cards to PaperCrafts Magazine Go-to-sketches.  This was not the first time I've submitted, nor will it be my last.  None of them got accepted, but I feel like it is still a fun process and SOME DAY one will get accepted.  Don't worry, you will know when that day comes, I'll be shouting from the rooftops!  Meanwhile, I am having fun making the cards and feel like my abilities are ever-growing. 

If I am honest though, when the acceptance emails go out and I don't get one, I am a little dissappointed.  BUT thanks to Amber at Damask Love, I am turing that frown upside down and looking at the bright side of things, which is why I am participating in Amber's Reject Blog Hop.  Thanks for the pick-me-up Amber, looking forward to MARGARITAS BABY!  :)

Here are a couple of the cards I submitted for the PaperCrafts call, which are now part of this lovely blog hop! I didn't save the original sketches and can't find them at this point, so I made these from memory, I think they are pretty close.

Of course, if I could take a good picture (below- baske CS color is supposed to be Regal Rose) that might make a difference- ha!

Thanks again for the reminder that this is all supposed to be fun Amber!

Have a great day everyone!


Sarah said...

Oh I love your cards! They are so fun. I didn't get accepted either (and I never have) and I do get disappointed each and every time so I know how you feel! Thanks for sharing though- seriously great cards!

Glenda J said...

This are both so fun and fantastic! Great work. I was too scared to even attempt that second one but I love yours, with all of those fun papers. Keep submitting - I am proof positive that it will happen!


Angie L., Doula said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, Katie! I'm so impressed that you submit cards for contests...I think your cards are awesome! Your turtle ones was to die for, too! Keep up the good work, and at least we get to see all of your creations here!

Lea L. said...

These are so fun and cheery! I LOVE the design you created based on that second creative and colorful! Great job! ♥♥♥

Ann Schach said...

Adorable cards! I love the colors with the Sew Suite card! Awesome!

Chan said...

These cards are awesome, Katie!! I especially love your take on that second sketch -- the combination of all of those patterned paper strips looks fantastic! Great work!! :o)