Thursday, November 10, 2011

Girls like Thomas too!

My little Soaps just had her 4th Birthday last week.  Wow time flies!  I let her pick the theme and she went with Thomas the Train.  I appreciate that in this "modern day and age" girls can like trains and cars and boys can go for pink if they want.  When I went to pick up the party decorations (no I didn't make them all, no time) I also purchased a tiara with the appropriate colors and the guy asked, "I have to ask is this party for a boy or girl? Not that it matters just curious."  I told him it was for a girl and he said he hoped we had fun.  Well it was crazy and chaotic with 14 three to five year olds but she did have fun!  I on the other hand, had to have a Margarita when it was all over! :)
OK, so I don't get the mom of the year award for making all the decor, but I did make her a Thomas card and a Thomas cake.  The card was actually super easy, using mostly basic shapes and punches.   A circle scissor plus for the face and then I drew his features in.  All the supplies used on the card are SU!  The cake was another story, partially due to the fact that we (my Mom and I) didn't finish frosting it until the party started and they we showed up late.  (I am pretty sure this contributed to my stress level and need for a margarita.)  In the end we got it done, and while his face was a bit too dark, he otherwise looked good and everyone raved about it. 

So I am happy my little one had a fun Thomas the Train party.  I am wondering if anyone else out there has had parties for their kiddos that were not typical for their age or gender?  If so, what for whom?

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