Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Patterned Paper- Part III

Hi again.  Just wanted to share with you the Father's Day Card I plan to give to my daddy.  I chose this stamp set because my dad loves photography.  He is soooo good at it and has won tons of medals and other things.  He's taken photo trips to Africa, Madagascar, China, Patagonia, and all around the world.  I only wish this apple fell a little closer to the tree, but alas, my photography skills are not good.  I guess it takes practice and the right equipment and space and mostly I just don't have the time for it, but maybe one day.

I am using this card for my final entry in the Lawnscaping Patterned Paper Challenge.  I had so much fun choosing these masculine colors and lining them up and cutting them.  The mustache paper is my fave because my dad has always had a big bushy mustache.  Picture Tom Selleck style in Magnum P.I. (LOVED that show and would still watch it today if it was still on!).  Yep, that is what good old Pop's stache looks like.  Although these days his is mostly white and gray.  Recently we've given him the title the Lorax because after taking my daughter to see that she thought their mustaches looked a like.  My dad is a tree hugger, so if the shoe fits....  In fact, Sophie told me that "Grandpa had a mustache and a binky when he was a baby!"  Kids are so funny!

so with out further ado, here is the card that I'll be giving to my Dear Old Dad.  I sure hope he likes it!  He is just the best Dad ever and I look forward to being able to spend Father's Day with him! :)

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Danielle said...

This is the perfect masculine card! Thanks so much for joining us at Lawnscaping! :)