Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Reindeer Games

Howdy-ho!  I can't believe we are 7 days away from Christmas!!!  I think I am finally done with my shopping and gift making, all I have left are a few finishing touches on some projects.  Phew!  For me, this is late in the game, but I've made it!

Do you remember this post where I had dressed my little Reindeer in multi-colored sweaters?  well here is another one.  I actually made these similar cards at the same time and the picture turned out better (I should have posted this one in the first place).  I have two variations on with this color scheme and one includes jingle bells.  I was going for the look of the reindeer being teathered to Santa's sleigh with their bells jingling.  Had the bells been smaller, I think it would have been more successful.  Ideas for next time!

Well it is snowing outside here.  I know it won't stick, but it still sets the mood for cozy holidays.  I hope you and yours enjoy this holiday season. 

PS- Don't forget to check out this post if you want to help the kids of Sandy Hook elementary with some creative therapy.

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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

I remember those super cute reindeer with sweaters!! I love the other card too--esp the colored bells!! FUN!