Friday, August 16, 2013

Flashback Friday

Do you know where the term Friday originated?  No.  Well, the word Friday is based from the Latin root word Fri meaning crisp combined with the word day.  Put it together and you have crisp-day, aka cooked day, aka I am FRIED by Friday!  True Story!  OK, not really... I totally made that up, but it sounded pretty good didn't it?!  I was totally fried by the end of my work day today so it seemed like it could have been a possibility for how the word came about. 

Anyway, onto this week's flashback.  First the flashback to the card I made for the Little Tangles blog for my guest post about Neat & Tangled's birthday.  I didn't have the awesome new Dreams Do Come True stamp yet, so I freehanded it.  Admittedly, not even as close to as good as Danielle's actual stamp, but it seemed so appropriate for the occasion I had to.  Oh and I posted a super cute fun video over there too, check it out if you have time! :)

Now onto my fave questions and answers from this week:

Just Add Color (8/12)-
Q- Is there a color that has a specific meaning to you?  If so what is the color and what does it mean?  if not, then what is your favorite color?
A- Sav said, "my fav color... is green! I picked that in high school (randomly answered that question by singing "The green grass grows all around all around...the green grass grows all around." Yup-- that's how I picked my fav color!)... and never changed it. <3 em="">

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler  (8/13)
Q- What is something you thought you would never like but were pleasantly surprised when you tried it?  It can be  reading this blog.... a food, an experience, whatever you want!
A- Kimberly said, "Sushi. I finally tried it in my late thirties!!! (ok I date myself I am mid 40 something' ish).  I did not know what to think. I am a "go alonger" type so when a gaggle of the office girls went to sushi, I hesitated, but said ok to follow the crowd.  To my surprise - I tried anything, and love most all of it, not only love it, I actually crave it more than any other food and must have it once a week. Went yesterday, and going today... LOL"

Doing the Chicken Dance (8/15)
Q- Have you ever spent any time on a farm?  If so, what was the most surprising thing you ever witnessed on that farm (e.g. seeing a chicken run around without a head...) and/or your favorite part? 
A- LeAnne said, "I, too, grew up on a farm, but while you're growing up there, you just think it's normal, so I don't have any specifically amazing memories...just fun to be able to run around, catch lightning bugs, go swimming in the pond....stuff like that. I do remember looking out my door one summer night and seeing the sky ablaze...I ran & called my dad and he told me the neighboring farmer's barn was on fire. That was SCARY! Thanks for the gentle nudge to get me walking down memory lane!"

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions everyone.  I like to ask them, they are fun and I enjoy getting to know a little bit more about each of you in turn. :)  Today's Question of the Day is again- if you could ask all these bloggie, crafty buddies of yours any question what would it be?  I asked this last Friday too.  I am hopping to get more answers so I can start sprinkling them into my posts and you can get the answers you want too! :)

Thanks for stopping and happy FRI-day! ;)


cm said...

Your Friday Flashbacks are fabulous, especially today's 'tale' of the origin of Friday! Excellent - had me convinced! Question for crafty people: favourite stamp/die (the "must have") and favourite paper? Always looking for more to add to the my wish list! Have a great Saturday!

Virginia L. said...

I already saw this card over Little Tangles and LOVE it! Very artsy and cool! I would ask the crafty friend:" What makes you HAPPY when you craft?"

Chark said...

love this! so well done and fun!

I'd ask, "how do you become a designer of rubber stamps?" because that seems like an unlikely thing to happen--is it accidental or do you set out to make it happen? I'd just be interested to know how some of my favorites broke in.

Barb said... know you're fabulous right? If you didn't, i'll tell you're fabulous! so talented to be able to replicate this stamp!!! lovely design...great happy you joined us as a GD!

Ren-Yi said...

wow Katie. what an amazing GDT post on the LT blog. thank you for joining us and making our birthday bash such a success. you really rocked your spot!