Friday, May 9, 2014

For Teacher

I have a something different to share with you today.  It is teacher appreciation week and my daughter and I made her teacher a special gift.  We made this little terrarium with a quart jar.    There was a great how to article online here.  It was super easy to make, I got everything at my local nursery.

We started with rocks and sand (you can add a layer of charcoal and one of dirt depending on the plant).After that we added the two air plants we had picked out.  These were a great choice because they are so low maintenance.  Then we added all these fabulous colored mosses...I LOVE THE PURPLE!  Followed by some shells that we had laying around the house.  We finished it off with some daisy lids for mason jars that I got for super cheap on crafty steals a few weeks back.  That's all and it was relatively inexpensive.  We still have enough supplies (minus the plants) to make a few more.

It was so easy and fun for us to make together. I really hope that Sophie's teacher enjoys it.  It is different than any other gift I've seen given, the colors should make her smile and she doesn't even have to have a green thumb to keep it alive. Bonus!  So there you have it.

Before you go, let me show you my little girl in her brand new glasses.  Today was her daddy's birthday so I got them to pose together.  :)  They will take some getting used to (the glasses I mean), but at least she likes how they look, so that is one step in the right direction. :)

Happy Friday to you all and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mama's out there!


~amy~ said...

Yay! The terrariums look AWESOME!!!!!! Such a great pic too :)

cm said...

Everything about your post is AWESOME and heart-warming: the unique teacher gift, which I know will delight her exponentially, as it has me and the photo of your lovely daughter and handsome husband! As I mentioned earlier: there's abundant love evident in your home!! ABUNDANT!! Hugs~c

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHHHHHH! Fabulous little gift for Sophie's teacher! I remember getting gifts from students.... I know her teacher will love this!

LOOOOOOOVE her new glasses! SOOOOOOO adorable! They look great on her:) <3

Happy Mother's Day to you!!! <3

Julia Aston said...

I LOVE this teacher gift idea Katie - my son is grown now but I hear from friends that teachers are pretty sick of candles and candy! and so nice that your daughter helped making them! She looks adorable in her new glasses!

wienerhoneymooners said...

Sweet, very sweet!

Jennifer Jackson said...

Really Fun project! Love these!

Deepti said...

awww so adorable, love this project !!