Thursday, February 26, 2009

Broadway's Lion King

OK, I know this blog is supposed to be about stamping and usually is, but I have to tell you about the Lion King. I went last night to the Paramount (in Seattle) to see this production and it was F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! I recommend it to anyone. My husband, who isn't big into musicals (at least not the movie kind like Sound of Music), loved it too. The thing that most amazed me was costumes and set. I have a couple of pictures below:

I can tell you that while these pictures are good, they do not come close to capturing the reality of how beautiful and ingenious they were. They aren't as bright as the real thing, you don't get to see the amazing set and it's fluidity, nor do you get to see the movement. The movement of these peices was so incredible, and while most everything costume had some features that were abstract (aside from Timone and pumba here), it still hit the character right on the mark! My favorites, which I don't have a photo of, were the hyenas and the gazzell machine. The actors of course were incredible at dancing and singing. The best part is that several times during the show the animals come down the aisles from behind, so cool. I was was on teh aisle seat, and this big huge elephant brushes my sleve (I mean huge, there must have been at least two guys operating it) and I watched a hyena nip at a girl. :)

Anyway, nuf said, check it out if you get the chance!

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