Thursday, February 5, 2009

I like your style!

This is for another of Kristna Werner's Color Inspiration Challenges- I love doing these, it just helps me to think outside the box. (I am sure I have said that before).

I call this "I like your style" because I think the little Bee is Stylin! This little guy says hey, look at me, I am not the same as everyone else, I am my own person (actually bee). i think he is pretty cute. Hope you find this card of this challenge inspiring as well.

Update- 2/6/09- I am glad Kristina will continue to do the Color Challenges, but sad she won't do the round up. :( I have decided to try my own, if you want to try my color challenge click here-


Regan said...


Ange Kelly said...

Super cute card!

ScrapyCrafter said...

So darling! The bee is choooo cute!
And yes! Sophie is beautiful! she so sweeet!

Shawntel said...

I think the bee is super cute too! Love it! Great Job!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

So cute!