Wednesday, June 9, 2010

stamping with my mini me :)

Did I ever mention that I love my little girl?  Well I sure do!!!  She is so cute and fun and I love all the little things she says.  Some days are hard of course (welcome to parenthood) but most days I can't get enough of her!

In our house, it is a typicall male female dichotomy, Daddy is better at playing and "rough-housing" and I am better at comforting and quiet time, although we both dabble in a little bit of everything. :)  SBW is just getting to the age that she can do art projects.  She has been coloring for a while, but we are getting closer to something besides scribbles.  She enjoys building things and other art projects.  Although it was not the first time, last weekend we stamped together and it was so fun!  She can actually hold the stamp right and make a clear image on the paper!  Here she is doing just that.  :)
I know some stampers would be appaled at that, getting ink stains on the wood blocks is sacrelig...but I don't care, much rather use them and enjoy with my kid.  Check her out, she'll be the youngest demonstrator SU! has ever seen! HA!

Meanwhile, I am sure you already know about the $99 dolar sign up special to become a demostrator.  It is for the month of June only, so hurry if interested and check out the changes in the starter kit (awesome stuff).  You can find more information here.  I was thinking about signing SBW up, but maybe I'll give her a few more years- wink!
Adios Amigas!  Get stamping or scrapping or whatever you do and remember to have fun!

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