Monday, July 19, 2010

Cookies for Daddy

Although I just use the tollhouse recipe, I make some darn good chocolate chip cookies!  Now if you leave it up to me, who needs the cookies, lets just eat the dough!!!!  Yummo!  However, my family seems to like the cookies themselves.  In fact, about a week ago, I was hanging round the house and I mentioned making some chocolate chip cookies but never got around to it.  Well my husband wasn't about to let that go- ha!  He reminded me just a few times. :)  He even went to the store to pick up a loaf or bread or something benign like that and called me from the store, "what do you need to make cookies?  I'll get it while I am here."  Talk about dropping hints!  So I looked through the cupboards and reported what was needed but we (and by we I mean the royal we- aka I) didn't make cookies that day, ran out of time.
Now the next day, Soph and I were solo as Daddy had been putting in a lot of OT the last few weeks.  So, we decided to have a girls night and watch a video and make cookies.  The video came first at her request but she was up for the cookies later.  Of course, she didn't exactly "help" (being two and a half) she was more of a supervisor than anything. :)  She did however, oblidge me by being my taste tester and beater licker- life is so rough!  Anyway, we had a ton of fun. 
When Daddy got home that evening (we were all in bed) we had left him a plate of freshly baked cookies, made him this quick card and a little video from Sophie.  He had a rough day at work, so I think it really made his day.
As for the card, it was super quick.  I used my newest wheel Full Speed Ahead, added a little color and some torn edges for effect, added a little DSP and wallah!  It took me about 5 minutes but was still fun and cute and the hubby loved it. :)
Check back later and I may link the video, too cute to resist.  Thanks for stopping by today.


Jill said...

Well aren't you the best spouse out there! Making the rest of us look bad- LOL

Katie Ann Brooks said...

Actually, I just make myself look bad because he only gets it once a century or something! ha! ;)

Katie Skiff said...

Very cute! And I love the cookies..esp. just dough. Man, I think I need to go and make some now!

Anonymous said...

Yum! OH, and the card is just adorable, too! I love all the coloring.