Friday, September 17, 2010

If at first you don't succeed.....

..try again!  You know that old saying right?!  I think it is so true don't you?! 

Recently, I have been trying to get something published in a card/craft magazine.  I have yet to succeed, but I am not giving up hope that one day (even if I am 90 years old!!!) I will eventually get something published.  Call me an optimist! :)  For me, it is fun to have a goal like this because it encourages me to do my best work and/or try new things.  Now occassionally I get let down, but in the end it is really fun to have created and accomplished something! 

Since I started papercrafting, I have participated in a lot of challenges (sketch challenges, color challenges, etc.).  Some were for the fun of it and some were to try to win a prize.  Either way, I keep trying and looking back, I realized how far I have come.  Evidence of this is in some of my very first blog posts, like this one here.   Now there is nothing wrong with that little lion card, but you'll note that I am using more techniques and embelishements now, my style has changed over time and I feel, I am better at making cards and paper crafting.  (I hope you agree- grin!)  So, just remember that if you are feeling down or having a rough day, you can ALWAYS try again!

Here is one of my latest attemps at a few non-traditional baby cards (not using blue and pink as the main focus).  The black sheep has flocking powder on him and it was my first time using that.  I want to note that I made the fence using my tiny tags punch.  I got the idea from Jackie Wright quite a while back, here is her post.  Thanks Jackie!  You know you rock sister, no matter what state you live in! ;)


Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I love how you used the woodgrain stamp on the fence - I wouldn't have thought of that! And just to be clear, I am not the original person to come up with using the tag punch to make a fence...I forget who, but isn't it nice that we all share?!

You did a great job on this card. I must say that you are more brave than I because I'm terrified to go back and look at my first cards!

Have a great weekend, my friend!

ChristineCreations said...

This is so cute Katie...sweet creative fun!

I think it's such a neat thing to look back at how you've grown and developed as an artist too. Keep submitting too will happen!

Nancy K said...

This is such a sweet baby card. Love how you've made the grass, and the fence is FAB! Great job!!