Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday- Vitamin O

Today I am having my own little flashback of a week long kayaking trip my dad and I took on the outside of Vancouver Island 12ish or so years back.  What an amazing trip!  We paddles along little uninhabited islands and found so many wonders- animals, shells and even a couple of Japanese glass floats!  We learned from our kayak guides about good old Vitamin O.

What?! You've never heard of Vitamin O?!  Well it is super important for your daily nutrition and you should have some right now!  It is best with milk and I like the DoubleStuf version.  I am talking about Oreo's people!  While we are on the topic...SCANDAL ALERT- did you know that the DoubleStuf only has about 1.9 times the stuffing!!!!  It is a good think I am so loyal or I might have to forsake them forever! ;)

Anyway, I made this card for my Daddy who has a birthday coming up in a few days.  I thought it might bring him back fond memories of that trip and Vitamin O.  We still joke about it to this day and he has Oreos in the house every time I come visit him. :)  Love my Daddy! I used my We Go Together set from Fresh Squeezed stamps for the first time.  (Just realizing now that this is out of focus, must not have been wearing my glasses or something- boo!)

Here is the review of some of the last two week's questions and answers:

Briny Blue (8/18)
Q- What is your favorite paper crafting tool?
A-- Lots of you said your cuddlebug but I thought I'd share the one that was a little different, from Virginia who said, "My favorite tool (one of many) would be my Fiskar Micro Scissors.I don't think I can live without one :)"

Thai Adventure (8/20)
Q- What is one of the most memorable trips you've taken and what about it did you love?
A- Michelle Z said, "Your trip to Thailand sounds wonderful! The best trip I've had was my trip last weekend to see my daughter. She graduated from college and moved away and I've missed her sooo much! This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. He surprised me with a trip to see her. When I tell people this, they don't think that it sounds very romantic. And then I tell them that he took me there because he knew that there was no place in the world that I'd rather be. Sweet, huh?"

Life is a Circus (8/21)
Q- I want to know one either a) what is your favorite comic and why? b) what is a quote or saying that inspires you? OR c) all of the above!
A1-  Favorite cartoon answer by Barb which includes a quote!... "Calvin & Hobbes is my favorite cartoon. My favorite quote (among many from my enlightened little cartoon friend) is..."Nothing spoils fun like finding out it builds character."
A2- I loved this quote Amy left that is from Margaret Mead- "We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems."

Mama's takin' us to the Zoo tomorrow (8/26)
Q-  What is your favorite animal and Why?
A-  CM said, "My favorite animal: miniature schnauzers! I had 2, who I spoiled and pampered immeasurably. One of these days, new puppy coming home (I hope!!)"

Thank you also for the advice on what to do for my daughter for her first day of kindergarten and all the congrats on my DT news!  I love having all you amazing people in my life, thank goodness for the internet! :)

Don't forget, today is your opportunity to come up with the questions! I'll ask them as the weeks progress, so what is it you are burning to know?


cm said...

Your Vitamin O story, kayaking venture and especially bonding with your dad is sheer delight! Two of my 'must have' vitamins include Vitamin H (hugs - several dosages/day), and Vitamin CCC (chocolate-chip cookies, same dose as Vit. H)! Your day will be thrilled with these cards; guaranteed you'll kindle those fabulous memories, melt his heart and most certainly share some Vitamin O together! What a story to share with your daughter!
My question: How did you meet your husband, and/or what was special when he proposed to you, and/or highlight of your wedding? romance! Have a super Friday!

~amy~ said...

Such an awesome for your Dad! Love the Vitamin O story...cracks me up.

I always love to hear how people come up with their blog names:)

Inkyfingers said...

This is such a fun card and I know your Dad will be thrilled to have it. How I wish cookies were on my eating list as I try hard to lose some weight!
My question is what is you favourite place to chill out?

Barb said...

omg i love it when you feature my answers! it's like winning a challenge or somefin eeek!

this card is too the grays, and the red strip...fab design!

Teresa Kline said...

your card is adorable and perfect for your Dad....what a great story! have a super sweet day!

enjoy *~*

Virginia L. said...

Thanks for sharing Vitamin O. info! LOL! Your card for your Dad is perfect!! So charming and sweet! Love reading your Q. & A.! :)