Wednesday, September 18, 2013

morning blunder

If there is one thing you should know about is that you'll know everything about me...I am an open book.  I don't hide much, I pretty much wear it on my sleeve, whatever it is.  In life, it is my view, that one's greatest strength is always their greatest weakness.  Case in point- being an open book allows me to be kind, caring, open to ideas, I am genuine and honest, and not surgically separate someone's decisions from their emotions (there are always reasons someone does what they do- which doesn't always make it OK, but it is important information to consider it).  At the same time if I am emotional about something, you'll know, truth isn't always appreciated- though I know how to bite my tongue at times and frame things diplomatically because I don't want to be offensive- sometimes people don't want to hear truth, I over analyze how I state things (seriously you wouldn't believe how long it takes me to write an email or post sometimes, not wanting things to be misinterpreted, among other things.  AND.... that also causes me to over-explain things...which is what you are experiencing now!!!

Enough philosophical drivel!  My point this am was that I made a boo-boo today with posting my CIU post early (should go up on Friday) and I had to remove it, but I have to tell you about it, because that is what I do- open book/sleeve wearer.  I felt like a dork but I laughed it off, so I am chalking this up to a successful day already. :)  I did want to replace it with another post though, so I'll share a card with you that I  made for my Father.

There is a story behind this card that is important to consider.  My Dad had an Blue Crested Amazon Parrot for 16 years.  Her name was Boo and she was sweet and a good companion for my Dad.  She was also annoying at times and some of that credit goes to me...for teaching her how to meow and imitate spitting with her tongue like an insolent child, "neaner, neaner!" :)  But she passed away suddenly about a week or so ago and my Dad was super sad.  So I wanted to make him a card with feather's that looked like Boo's tail feather's  (Our Boo had very little Blue on her head). Not entirely sure about this card perhaps this is my second

blunder of the day...(here is that honestly thing again...and that over-explaining...) but the thought was there and hopefully it reminds him of the good things about Boo.

I also came across a great idea on Pinterest last night, there was a tutorial for making a dream catcher.  I thought wouldn't it be fun for my Dad to have one of these with Boo's feather's!  My dad is totally into Native American art so making this and including his memories seems like it would be lovely and have good symbolic meaning.  What do you think?

The Question of the Day- I don't want to interject my philosophies on you, but if you think it is possible that your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness, than what is yours (if you are willing to share)?


Jean said...

What a lovely card for your father. And I appreciate your stories and explanations. Your honesty is really refreshing!
I believe that your greatest strength can be your greatest weakness - I'm extremely sensitive. It's something I accept and strive to harness the positive aspects of.

Virginia L. said...

Love your feather card! The mix of colros are so rich and pretty! This is a very thoughtful card indeed! Don't worry about the card is not the exact color of Boo--it's the THOUGHTS that count! My weakness/strength is probably my enthusiasm! Not everyone is as enthusiastic like that can be my downfall (LOL)! But then again, you can never have too much enthusiasm! :) You are a thoughtful and caring person and that's why you do take things more sensitively about things and people. To me, that is a STRENGTH! So do celebrate it, Katie!xoxo

cm said...

Your post is so genuine, honest, thoughtful, heart-warming and touching! Your 'real-ness' just adds more dimension to how endearing your are! So sad to hear of your dad's loss of Boo; 16 years of companionship is remarkable, and to lose it so quickly must carry deep grief. Your card is perfect for your dad during this time, and your plan to make a dream-catcher is awesome! What a fabulous daughter you are, and you're teaching your little one the value and importance of treasuring relationships, too! My weakness/strength is one I share with you: a tendency to over-analyze nearly everything I do! Sometimes, it's prevented me from making big mistakes, while other times, it seems me not acting in a timely fashion. I'm trying to be more spontaneous, but...whew...that's a tough one! Great question (sorry for the babbling...another weakness!!).

Pamela said...

The card is just beautiful and I love how you used the colors of Boo on your feathers too <3 My strength is definitely my weakness. Many times I am willing to go that extra mile for something. I don't really know how to say "no" so I just end up burnt out =/

Karin Åkesdotter said...

WOW! This is sooo Beautiful! Love your design and wonderful choice of colors - makes me wish I wasn't so "natural" - this stands out -LOVE it! Also have to say I LOVE your profile Picture - makes me smile every time I come here - so sweet!

Tenia Nelson said...

What a gorgeous card for your Father. So so sorry for your loss.

Barb said...

So sorry for your loss...what a beautiful bird. Your card is beautiful hun, definitely no blunder in sight.

My greatest weakness/strength is perfectionism. I don't like to do things half-assed and care about not creating work for others...but it affects my confidence on a huge way because nothing I do is ever good enough. It has negatively impacted my cardmaking many times...which us how self-depracating comments sometimes creep into my blog posts.
. :)

~amy~ said...

Gasp, your card is amazing...what you've done with the feathers is wow. Love the saturated color. So sorry about Boo, your Dad must be so heartbroken. This card will definitely cheer him up. I think the idea of a dreamcatcher is a great idea.

Greatest strength = Greatest weakness
interesting question...I tend to be a yes girl and in my effort to do a kindness, I might over extend myself or most recently, it has been taken the opposite way. I constantly overanalyze situations which can be good, if you take the good with the bad but sometimes it is just good to step away from the situation and say, it is what it is, kwim?

Noelle said...

I think it is just lovely, and a very meaningful card for your Dad. I am the same way about heart on my sleeve. I have gotten a bit more "cards to my chest" in my later years, but I think my temperament will always be very open. I agree sometimes it is a blessing, sometimes-not so much. But you are YOU, and being genuine is a very admirable quality in a world with so many fake people. :) *hugs*

Annette Allen said...

wow I love those feathers.. way cool card..