Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sharing my Stampin' Up! Story

I just thought it would fun to share the story of how I joined Stampin' Up! and why I love it so much. So, just read and enjoy or not. I do have a few projects I'd like to get photos of. Still don't have the right lights for my studio in a box, may have to improvise and get them up. Without further ado...

I joined Stampin' Up! with out thinking twice. Someone in my office was a demo, and although I hadn't done a lot of stamping before, I always loved to craft and be creative. It was during SAB and I the discount and extra stamp set were an easy sell to me. In fact, the demonstrator didn't ask me to sign up, I asked her! :)

I had recently had my lovely little daughter and she was precious and perfect, I wanted to get in to scrapbooking and stamping to preserve those memories. I later realized, I also wanted to do it to get a little part of "me" back, a little time for myself to decompress or focus on something I wanted to focus on. I found that the more I stamped and scrapped the more I loved it. It was/is addicting to create, especially cards, you can have a finished product in a short amount of time with limited supplies, how wonderful it felt to have acomplished something. Even better I began to share my new love with family & friends, mostly I just give away the cards and books I make, or brag and show off the scrapbook pages of my Sophie (my daughter), but I also enjoy offering classes and showing others how much fun it can be so if they find this experience empowering as I did, they can do it too.

I have found that there is always more and more product I want- thank goodness for the demo discount! I am lucky to have signed up with Stampin' Up! who has such high quality product. I love learning to use each product and am finding that the possiblities of what can be done are endless. I feel that becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator has helped give me a sense of self and helps me to feel more confident in my life.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you enjoyed!

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