Monday, March 29, 2010

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

NEITHER!!!! Didn't you know it was the Easter Bunny that came first?! :)

Here is what the Easter Bunny (aka me) was busy doing at my house yesterday. Making millions and millions of little egg cartons with chicks on the outside (see the bunny came and made the chicks...Oh, jokes aren't funny if you have to explain them?? Darn it all!). Really, there weren't millions of cartons, but I cut out so many chicks and eggs I sure felt like it! I made these fun little festive egg cartons to sell at my local (and favorite-est ever!) coffee stand- Cuppa Jo on the Go. I filled some with grass and chocolates and some with jellybeans- yum! They are so cute and they looked great with all the pastel colors in the basket. :)

Now, if you haven't visited Cuppa Jo you should because they make some darn good coffee and the best part is the chocolate whip cream, yes you heard me right, liquid gold right there!!!!! On Eastlake Ave. in Seattle. I have seen her make the whip cream, she has a highly scientific method for measuring and mixing that makes it to die for. AND....while you are there you might as well stock up on some of my milk carton treats right?! ;) What could be better, do you easter shopping, get espresso and chocolate whip cream all in one stop, paradise!
Now I just have to finish more of these little beauties for selling and for the kiddo egg hunt party we are going to with my daughter this weekend. Should be so fun to see Soph and all her little class/daycare mates hunting for eggs together, so cute!
Hopping you have a eggceptional day! ;) OK, no more cheesy jokes today, I promise. :D

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Heather Hildebrant said...

I can see why these are going so fast at Cuppa Joe - they are adorable!