Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I love you Mama!

I only live about 5 hours from my mom, but I sure do wish we lived closer and I could see her more.  Luckily, she comes to visit us fairly often, every 2 or so months, making it easier on us (road trips with a toddler are not my idea of a good time).  This last weekend she was in town and we jam packed the weekend with activity!

Always in order is a trip to a nursery (or three!!!) since she has a beautiful yard and home and loves to garden.  We visited Swanson's, Sky and one other, but Sky is the new fave and is closest to our place. We  also played outside, made cupcakes, watched a movie, went out to eat, took Soph to tumbling class, made dinner, and I am sure I am forgetting something.....  Oh and of course, she took us all to a Mariner's game to celebrate my husband's upcoming birthday next week.  Wow!  A fun filled amazing time! 

What I love to do most with my mom though, is sit and chat over a cup of coffee.  My mom is so thoughtful and wise in so many ways.  She is always so very supportive of me and I can't imagine being with out her.  So this is my thank you to my mom, the Mother's Day card I plan to send her for always nourishing me and my dreams. I love you Mama! (not to worry, she won't see this here before she gets it in the mail, she isn't super computer saavy- smile.)


Denise said...

very nice..I like it!

Anonymous said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE this, Katie! This is just beautiful! I'm happy that you and your mom are close! I wish my mom were still with us so I could send her pretty cards. Have a great Mother's Day!

Karen said...

Beautiful card! Love the colors!