Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just flirting around

What do you think of the Flirtatious Specialty DSP?  I love it!  The bright colors mixed with the softer hues really make me happy.  I also love the specialty pages that look like a bunch of doilies.  They are perfect for using whole, but my preference is to cut them apart and use them in pieces like I've done on this card  This card is perfect for a little girl (a little princess) birthday.  In fact, a co-worker of mine snagged it up as soon as she saw it with plans to give to her niece. :)
I am glad I have this card to show you because the last couple of days I have been in a card making funk.  Not sure why, but can't seem to shake it at the moment.  What do you do when you are in a creative funk?  Anything that will help me get back in the game would be much appreciated. Meanwhile, I'll just keep trying, eventually it will come back I am sure.
Thanks for stopping and have a great day! :)


kiala said...

Wow, that's one gorgeous card! I try doing something else. Search inspiration from others work or magazines. Sometimes some new techniques will get me in the mood. Templates are also good.

Jackie W. said...

This card is lovely, Katie! I love the colors, too. As for me, I often will look in the IB&C for something I like, then make it my own in some way. Or do a challenge, I think that helps.

I really liked your last card you made with your win from Moxie Fab! Love those colors a lot!

Eve said...

how pretty! Luv the doily backgorund, to match with the focal point, with pretty butterfly! :-)

Karen B. said...

Love your card, it is sooo pretty! Great details and great colors. I don't have any ideas for getting out of a funk other than to step away for awhile. Seems to happen to me more than I'd like!