Monday, September 10, 2012

Do you ever do the jitter bug?

Am I talking about the dance you ask?  Well sorta, yes....  This morning I was doing the jitter bug but I wasn't dancing, it was from my coffee.  I have no idea why, I only had a single shot and I ate breakfast.  Maybe it is because my nerves are fried from work at the moment.  Who knows...

Today I wanted to show you a card that I partially CASed from Kaisha on her PSSparks Designer Card on this post here.  I just loved what she did with that juke box from Perpetual Bliss (PS Stamp Set) and I wanted to duplicate it.  I was needing to make my MIL a birthday card anyway, so this was the perfect occasion.  :)  In addition to doing the juke box, I made my own patterned paper by using a basic block stamp in white on a black background.  I then embossed with white embossing power to make it pop even more.  I was thinking this would make the perfect slightly worn (from too much dancing) linoleum floor.  Together I think the combo looks like something straight out of a sock hop.  What do you think?  I sure hope my Mom-in-Law does the jitter bug when she sees it! :)  Happy Birthday Dona!

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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHH! This is so fun! LOVE the design and that extra stamping on the side!! This would have been perfect for the PSS challenge last week! Hope you join in the fun this week!!!