Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Which one?

Recently I had several friends and co-workers who underwent some surgeries and medical treatment for various reasons.  One broke his neck... Yes that is what I said, his neck! being hit by a large wave while on vacation of all things.  He was walking around work and didn't even know it, but found out he broke a vertibrae in there.  Had surgery and is fixed, phew!  Amazing that it went well, hard and unbelievable circumstances, but good outcome (it certainly could have been worse right?!). 

So I started making this particular person a get well card.  He is a good spirited and humored person, so it was deemed I should go with a beach theme.  Thank goodness he is good humored or that would not be a nice card!  Anyway, I came up with one and a few others came along the way which I could then give to some of the other folks I knew who needed them.  Long story short, here they are, all similar but slightly different and I am wondering which one you like best and why?  I certainly hope these cards give these wonderful people some sense of a pick-me-up during their challenging times.  That is the reason (besides a creative outlet) why I make cards. :)

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