Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween + Blog Candy

Happy Halloween Ya'll!  Can I tell you about my cool costume that cost me $2.50!  That is right, 2 dollars and fifty cents...and that includes tax!  Ahem...thrifty queen!  :)

Most years I want to dress up and have a super cool costume, but I never want to spend that much money on it and I usually wait until that last minute and have nothing.  This is partially because my daughter's birthday is a few days after Halloween and when I have to choose, I put my time and effort into that, but I still like to believe I can do both.  I did have an idea this year, I was going to be a "Wanted Poster"- you know like in the old western movies.  It would have been pretty easy to make with some poster board.  Well true to form, I waited until the last minute.  However, the other day I was getting a few last minute things for her party and I was in the party decor aisle and there is was a Wanted Poster ($6.99) with a hole cut out for taking photos and I didn't have to do a thing!  Awesome-sauce!!!  I picked it up.... but then an aisle later I found a HUGE Ace card (I am talking 2 X 3 feet!) and it was $2.39.  Um...I am going to cut a hole out so I can stick my face in and be an "Ace in the Hole!"  Feeling so proud of myself for being creative and cheap! ;)

Meanwhile, my kiddo is going to be a Ninja.  I love that my girl loves all

things that are traditionally "boy" or "girl" and doesn't feel pressured to fit a gender stereotype.  Hello 21st Century! :)

Here is a quick glance at a card I made a while back with the Mama Elephant set Up and Away.  Such a cute set, I just love it.  I think this would be make a great encouragement card for someone.  Unfortunately the card is a little dark, but that was before I bought an amazing photo box...oh well.

OK, we all know why you are here ;), on to the goods.  You want some of this blog candy all you have to do is:

1. Follow this blog
2. Leave a comment about the post and let me know you are a follower

So what do you say?!  I say go for it, you know you want those feather stickers!!!!

Oh and for today's Question of the Day- what is your favorite sweet?  I myself love Reeses PB cups!!!!!  If you don't do sweets what is your fave alternative?

OK, now go get your Boo on folks!


Tracey McNeely said...

Super cute card Katie!

~amy~ said...

Darling Mama Elephant card!

Ninja?!!!! That's AWESOME and your costume, very clever:)

100 Grand Bar...mmmm...

Rose said...

super cute card :)
the costumes sound :)

Emily Daniels said...

Sounds like a neat costume- super creative!!
My fave sweet treat is an oatmeal cream pie!!
I'm a follower!!
Thanks so much for the chance to win some blog candy and Happy Halloween!!

Susie Craft Happy! said...

Beautiful card!!! I love your coloring.


cm said...

Score on the costume you wore; the price and the idea both most excellent! And your daughter dressing as a Ninja; super cool! I can't believe she's nearly 6. I know her special day will be celebrated with joy, flair and a whole lot of fun. Your card is darling, and yes, definitely one to brighten someone's day. Indeed, I plan to look at it several times today, because work+stress have become partners. Grrr...). Favourite candy: red licorice. Yum...Great post - and belated Happy Halloween!!

Meredith said...

I am a follower Meredith245 Thanks for the chance to win!