Friday, January 31, 2014

Blue Friday

It is blue Friday here in Seattle, we are rallying for the Seahawks!  I have never seen so many people wear blue and green.  My daughter and I are even sporting blue and green nail polish for the occasion!  :) Normally, I don't much care who wins, but Seattle teams don't see a lot of glory, so it is nice to see this for a change.  Check out this pic of the beloved Needle.

Meanwhile, I know there are a few Bronco's fans reading this and I like them too, those of you reading AND the Broncos.  I spent a couple of college years in Colorado.  One of which the Broncos went to and won the Superbowl.  I went to Denver and saw John Elway and the team in the parade, it was pretty awesome.  So don't go away hating me you Broncos peeps!  For the record, I don't want the Broncos to win since they have been there and done that, but I like them. :)

No matter what team you cheer for, here is a Superbowl cocktail you can make.  Admittedly, it is favored to the Seahawks since Marshawn Lynch is the skittles guy and the pic is blue and green.  BUT you could make this with orange skittles just as easily and call it the "Bucking Bronco" or "Magic Manning" or something like that.  It is bound to be pretty sweet though, so don't drink too many!

So onto the creation.  Officially we haven't started our posts for the Top Dog Dies Design Team, but I wanted to share one project I've made anyway.  This is a little creation I made using their Photo Mat die and Photo Props accessories as well as the Leafy Flourishes set.  This pic is of my lovely daughter S and her cutie friend on S's 6th birthday.  They had so much fun!

I am not sure this is a card, it opens like a card, but I think of it more as a little memory frame.  You can set it up like a framed photo, but the beauty is you can open it up and see the original pic and there is info on what the pic is and when it was taken.  You could give it as a thank you card though, that would work just as well. I used a piece of transparency for the layer between the top mat and the photo to protect the picture and allow me to put the accessories on but still keep the original picture in tact.

I finished it off with a few embellishments and a sentiment stamp from Paper Smooches.  The sentiment pretty much says it all.  :)  Oh...and the colors work for Blue Friday! Thanks for stopping and happy Blue (or Orange) Friday to you!

PS- did you see the Top Dog sale on Stamp-n-storage?!  Awesome!


C Wu said...

cute layout. Hooray for Seahawks.

Virginia L. said...

Love your layout, Katie! It's totally fun and creative! That photo is darling! I love your added gems, too! And go, Seahawks!

Kelly Griglione said...

That die would be great for thank yous! So fun to use the photo props ... I'm sure your daughter loved it. Good luck tomorrow : )

~amy~ said...

Seahawks craziness, eh? I hope they win tomorrow!

Love your project...sooooo stinkin' FUN

Rose said...

super cute layout!!!
well i am not a football fan but i do want your team to win as my coworkers want the Broncos to win. yup i have to be the "rebel" lol

Joni nina Andaya said...

Adorable layout Katie! Hugs <3