Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So what is the definition of Boo-yah!?  I often use it in conjunction with an accomplishment or feat, like, "woo-hoo, I did it!"  It might mean something different to you though?  I was checking out the Urban Dictionary definition and there are several funny things that come back when you type in boo-yah!  For example:

  • Boo-yah! - An annoying exclamation, often uttered by planetarium-headed freshmen who think they're karate kid, often in a high-pitched, grating, nasal tone.  Example- "Boo-yah! I'll slap you!"

There are some others that I found funny, like an example with Hillary Clinton.   (Disclaimer- The fact that I think it is funny has nothing to do with my political views and I don't express them here  I don't want to offend folks and that is never my intention, I just like to laugh and have fun.  That, however, is why some of the examples are left unsaid here.)  Anyway, you should check it out.  While you are there when you go to the UD main page, there are some funny new-to-me terms like:

  • Emotinap- Being too emotional, that eventually as a result, you fall asleep.  (This is *so* me!)
  • Moronimated- Something so dumb it has to be animated.
Anyway, I made a card with the sentiment BOO-YAH! today using my CAS-ual Friday Exclamations set, so fun.  And per UD this tends to be a guy term so how appropriate that I made it on a masculine card.  I used my Lawn Fawn Botanical Bliss set for the vines and some of their Dewey Decimal paper to fill in the leaves.  That was a LOT of fussy cutting, but it worked out so glad I did it!  I love this combo of blue & aqua with the orangy-yellow (should I submit that term to UD?!).  I made this using this week's CAS(E) this Sketch #38 and The Pink Elephant #210 with a masculine theme.  This could easily be used for a birthday, which is why I'll submit to Seize the Birthday...again (they are probably tired of me!).  Or this card can be used for any accomplishment, "Boo-yah! You Graduated!" or even like "Boo-yah! I love you!" LOL.  I have to say, this is pretty CAS for me, so I am feeling pretty impressed with myself...BOO-YAH! :)

The Question of the Day is what terms do you use on a regular basis that may or may not be recognized by a standard dictionary and what do they mean?  Maybe you made them up or it was an accident, who knows. My daughter actually made one up last night, she freaked out about a little bug that kinda looked like a potato bug but not quite, it looked "gross" and "sorta rotten" so she called it a "potato-nub-nub"- we laughed about that and used it all night long.  That one is going down in the history books for sure! ;)
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Stacey Schafer said...

fabulous card, katie! love the leaf detail:)

Leigh Penner said...

Lovely card! Great take on the sketch!

wienerhoneymooners said...

hhaahhh I am still laughing over Potato Nub nub... What was the question?

Oh yeah... I don't think I do have any peculiar catchy phrases.

I all my boy babes (short for babykins when he was little and I can't call him that anymore, NO he is 11 for goodness sake!

or bug..
And for something completely different-----------
Though when we all travel together, and my mom and I banter back and forth, My husband will say, "Do you know what time it is?" That is a cue....Then both my husband and boy say in unison, "It is the Kim and Cricket Show", and then Scott will say, Now on the Kim and Cricket Show, Kim wants to have quiet!"... or whatever I am talking about... and if I was once annoyed (as I tend to get on extended car trips with a car full) I am laughing to tears....

Have a great day and stay CRAFTY..

Patrice said...

I love those colors!

lostinpaper said...

Such a fun and cheery card, great choice of colours and fab sentiment (thanks for the explanation, it's not a common saying over here lol)
Thanks so much for sharing with us at CAS(E) this Sketch this week!

cm said...

Potato-nub-nub...how sweet and hilarious! Love your post, and your card is fantastic! Clever+++ As for 'imaginative' phrases: for reasons I have no clue about, I call toes, "gullers." Weird or what...No clue why. Hmmmm....Love your question-posed posts!!

Karen M said...

Such a pretty card, Katie! Love those little stems and you've captured the sketch brilliantly! x

Rose said...

this is a fun one!!!! :) Thanks for joining us on Seize the Birthday.

~amy~ said...

My new fav card of yours!!!!! LOVE it!

Oh, I have tons of words that I use that aren't necessarily in the dictionary but I can never remember them,kwim? I'm sure they come out in blog posts though.

Quip1320 said...

Very cute and I'm a sucker for these colors together!

Kelly Griglione said...

Wonderful card ... the colors are such a favorite for me. Also a favorite is that Exclamations stamp set. I always reach for it. Love how you interpreted the sketch.

Our current term is "peace-i-ful" said like "beautiful" ... my 5 year-old apparently has rejected the plain old "peaceful" adjective and added another syllable.

donna mikasa said...

Great color choices and such a pretty take on the sketch with those leaves!

Barb said...

I love this. The colors are so pretty and I love the random patterned leaves. It's just awesome!