Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Soda-pop, an evolution of terms

What is your preference, Coke or Pepsi?  It is funny, I grew up with Pepsi, but my personal preference is Diet Coke (I don't like how regular coke tastes).  People sure do have their drink preferences, not only that but a preference of what they call that drink.  I grew up calling it pop.  When I spent a few of my college years in the South (Baton Rouge) they called every dark drink cola.  I can't remember what they called clear or other colored drinks (thinks like Sprite or Squirt).  My question is when you call everything cola then how do you distinguish one from the other?  Maybe you just don't care.  There is also the soda camp.  Which one do you fit it and why?  These days, I call my caffeinated brown cola of choice soda-pop.  I am not sure when or why that transpired, but it did.  So there you have it, the most exciting thing you've read all day! HA!

Why do you care?  Well there is a good chance you don't...and I am ok with that.  :)  It is simply the jibber jabber that was in my head when I made today's card.  Here is the card, which uses my three brand spankin' new PS stamp sets- Think Fast, Briny Blue (bubbles) and Slang Gang.  When you look at it you might know why that was the course of my thought process...  It makes you feel like you are in the middle of a Pepsi commercial with the colors right?!  I even used some velumn on the cup lid to emulate an actual fountain drink cup lid.  Anyway,  this is probably the most boring post ever- sorry!  Moving on, I made this card for this weeks PS SPARKS Challenge sketch shown here.  (Hopefully they don't dock points for boring posts- lol!)

That is what I have for you today, now go chillax and
enjoy an ice cold soda-pop, or whatever it is you drink!

PS- That reminds me, do you remember the superbowl commercial a few years back for Pepsi- aka Brown and Bubbly- worst soda commercial ever!  http://www.superbowl-commercials.org/1581.html    


~amy~ said...

HA...you crack me up. I call it soda...within the last year I've switched from an occasional soda to diet soda...definitely not everyday but definitely a treat for me.

You mixed those three sets absolutely perfectly! Love your choice of colors too!

MichelleZ said...

I enjoyed your post! :)
I've spentt my entire life in the North, blissfully calling my Diet Pepsi "pop". And then a few years ago I moved to the South. When I order a pop, some people give me blank stares and then say, "Oh, you mean a Coke." No, I would like a Diet Pepsi.

This cola thing is crazy weird!

But I love your card. :)

Emily Leiphart said...

I'd like an iced cappuccino, please. :D Fabulous card, Katie! I love how you framed the sentiment with the washi tape.

Kara Lynne said...

Now once you start talking about drinking fountains vs bubblers, we know we have a debate! Great card!

Noelle said...

SUPER cute card, Katie! In CO, most people call it pop. But even though I've lived here most of my life, I call it "soda." I think it has something to do with living in Florida as a kid, maybe that's where I picked that up! A dear friend in TX says that everything down there is a "coke." No matter what kind of soda, it's all coke! She said in a restaurant you will order a Coke, and they will say "what kind?" I thought that was funny. ;)

Catherine Loh said...

cute little card, and all that discussion is making me thirsty... now where's my coke?

Jenny said...

Ha... well over here in the UK we call it fizzy (amongst other things)!!! Great image to use for the sketch and love the washi too :0)
Thanks for playing along with us at PS Sparks this week.
Jenny x

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

KA-- you are toooooo funny! First you grew up with Pepsi and now drink Diet Coke!! LOL! Then you call it jibber jabber! LOL x2!!! LOVE it:)

As for pop (that's what we call it)-- I don't like it at all! I grew up drinking orange pop (like Crush) and then stopped drinking it because my mom said it made us fat. I take sips of Trav's pops every so often (one sip only)... but it makes me gag. So why do I sip it still? Not sure... but I DO NOT LIKE it at all!!! :) LOL x3

LOVE this card-- fun background stamping! LOVE the washi tape! I really need to ink up that cup-- and vellum as the lid-- AMAZING! You nailed it:) Thanks so much for joining in the fun with the Paper Smooches SPARKS team!!! Hope you will play along this week for the Picture Perfect challenge:) I apologize for not leaving a comment sooner-- time flies!