Thursday, January 21, 2010

Curtain Call Act 13

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do a little blog surfing, it was fun since I haven't done much of that lately. I got to check out some of my favorite blogs (check them out on the right side bar). I stoped by Stacey's Stamping Stage, I love this blog because Stacey is so talented! I had the opportunity to meet this fabo woman at convention in August and she is pretty great. Anyway, she often does a color challenge called the curtain call. I like color challenges and have always wanted to play Stacey's but I think this might actually be my first time playing.

Anyhoo, here is the pallete Stacey chose for this week. Isn't it great! I wanted to make something flashy and that stood out, because that is what this color combo makes me think of- 80's, neon colors, crimped hair...oh wait, that isn't 80's- that is 2010 now!!! LOL! It amazes me sometimes what comes back in style, I mean, wasn't there a reason it went OUT of style?!?! Anyway, it was fun to make a card with this pallete (and have flashbacks of spandex while doing it!) I didn't check the final colors I just knew the basics (didn't know Pumpkin Pie- just a shade of orange, same with the pink) so my colors aren't exact, but I figure they are darn near close enough.
So here's what I've got. What do you think? I think it is got that chic, fashion designer, trendy feel to it. I like the colors, it makes me pretty happy and just feels so fresh and springy (we could all use a dose of brightness right? At least that is true in Seattle. And hey, yesterday it was sunny and is supposed to be today too- whoo-hoo!)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed. Later today (which actually means tomorrow) I hope to have my year in card samples up for you to see.



Stacey Schafer said...

gotta love the 80's! your card is tres chic...awesome:) thanks so much for taking time to play the Curtain Call...i've missed you!

Anonymous said...

Great card - I love the colors!

Tib said...

Dude... I must have this card. Did you see what HFG got for Christmas? a wrought iron dress form, as well as a Project Runway dress form. MUST HAVE.