Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year (on 1/5)

OK, my goal for the new year was to never be late, but here it is 1/5 and I am finally getting to my new years post- lol! Actually, in truth that wasn't my goal at all, so I don't really care. I just wanted to share this sparkly card and tiara (made with big shot die, ribbon and a few punches- easy!) with you. Nothing says New Years like sparkles, I mean, ball dropping, confetti, glitter dresses, champagne, right?!

I made this card just for fun and the tiara's for a few of the adult girls where I was spending the eve. The kiddos (well at least one of them) wore the tiara and looked so cute- like a little flapper! Wish I had gotten a picture of her...but I did get some pics of the two kiddos (two girls both two) in the bath tub together- so cute! That was until bed time when neither would sleep and screaming ensued....we went home and mine eventually went to sleep. The other screamed half the night.......sorry Berni. :(

Anyway, Happy New Year and good luck with those resolutions, whatever they may be.

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Anonymous said...

What a fab tiara, Katie! I love it! Happy New Year, even if it's late!