Monday, August 16, 2010

Shiver me timbers!

What a gorgeous weekend it was in the Seattle area!  Quite hot actually, but lovely.  This summer has been very short (wtih a late start this year), so I am taking all I can get as far as sunny days go. 

We enjoyed ourselves with a lot of fun outdoor activities this weekend.  On Friday, Sophie my friend Emily and I went to the Taste of Edmonds.  Quite fun.  Sophie got herself a new pair of butterfly wings and looked so cute walking around in them.  She is normally shy, but she was really enjoying Emily's company and prefered holding her hand to mine on the walk back to the car- humph! :)  Sunday was all about playing in the Seattle Center Fountain, always a winner.  Saturday, however, was the favorite for Sophie because she got to go to her little friend Ayden's birthday party.

The party was Pirate Themed- Arrrrrrr!  Shiver me timbers there was a lot of food and fun.  The kiddos spent most of the time playing in the small inflatable pool or running through the sprinklers.  Ayden got a lot of booty at that party! I am pretty sure he didn't know what to do with all his treasures. It is so funny when they are that young (he was turing 2) because you help them open presents and they want to sit there and play with it, meanwhile you seem to be rushing them onto the next, they must be thinking, "but I want to play with that toy." :)  Here is the card I made for Ayden.  I know, not pirate themed, but I don't have any pirate stamps...a real shame, I should get some....wink!  The helicoptor is pretty darn fun though if you ask me.

So it was a fun filled weekend, with lot friends, sun and tasty treats.  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!  Toodles!

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Jackie W. said...

It's a very cute card, Katie! It sounds like you have a wonderful weekend! Have a great week as well.