Tuesday, August 24, 2010

who done it?! Updated 8/27

Updated 8/27 to add:  So do you ever look at your card one night and think that is what you wanted and then wake up the next morning and frown and say to yourself, "what was I thinking?!"  I do it ALL the time!  I just like to think of it like writing a paper, this is just my first draft.  Many time's the cards I make change in one way or another from the original either before or after I post.  Well, this card was no exception.   Aside from the color being off in the photo, I decided I didn't like the bottom half of the card.  I made some updates the next day, but have yet gotten to take a photo (hopefully a better quality one!) to show you.  Check back tomorrow, because I plan to have the update of this and one other project posted.

 So remember how I told you it was my upcoming anniversary last week?  Well, it has come and gone and we had such a fun time on Argosy Murder Mystery Dinner Cruise.  If you get the chance and live locally, you really should try it.  Now I won't boast about the food, pretty mediocre, but the entertainment was great!  It was full of fun audience participation and theories about who done it!  Now, had I known (I am sure I got an email from them but it likely went straight to my junk mail) I would have signed up my husband to be a particpant (aka murder suspect!!!!!).  If we ever go again, I'll be doing that for sure, it will be worth a giggle.  :)  Anyway, check out the lovely flowers the sweet man bought me....  Pike Place Market, best place in town for flowers, we even bought wedding flowers there...aren't they beautiful?!

So I was checking this gorgeous arangement out and admiring the nice color combo there.  Definitely a fall ensemble, although you could use it for spring/summer too.  So I decided to whip up a fun card wtih some fall flair.  I just L-O-V-E this stamp set, Greeting card kids, it is so much fun to color and the varous kiddos for various occassions, one of my faves.  Anyway, this was fun to make and enjoyed using this color combo.  (Sorry the card is a little blurry, I was in a rush to get out the door this am, but wanted to have a pic to post).  What do you think this combo would be good for?  What would you make with it?
Regarding last weeks post- Whooooo do you love? I'll be sending owl cards out to the three lovely ladies who left me comments:


Please send it to me your addresses so I can get you some owl cards in the mail (Tib I have yours already).

Thanks and have a great day.


Tib said...

Love the flowers~ My huz would never go for an event like that, so you are a very lucky gal. Glad you two got a grown up night to celebrate yourselves (cause without the two of you there wouldn't be that sweet pea of yours). xoxox

Can't wait for my card.

Sylvia said...

Hi Katie, Thanks for stopping by my blog! You still have time to get the set from the summer mini, the offer is good until the 31st and you're a demo so just do it! this is a cute set, that I have not bought yet! Wonderful card!

Anonymous said...

Still catching up from my long absence of blurfing! And yea - it looks like me comments are going through now!! This is a super cute card, love the flowers, too!