Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a wrap!

Well I don't know about you, but every January (or December if I am on the ball!) I get my next year's calendar and start transfering information.  In particular, I transfer all the important dates from one year to another, like anniversaries and birthdays, etc.  I can tell you, that since my sweet little bambino has arrived (...I am referring to my almost three year old...) I have been slacking off in this department.  Actually, maybe slacking off isn't the right term...it is more like nodding off (at the breakfast table & dinner table) cause I am pooped!  Either way, I haven't been getting all those dates transfered and low an behold, I'll remember someone's birthday a few scant days before the grand event (that's on a good day, sometimes I remember after- frown).  Now, let me take a moment to note that if this has happened to you, please don't take it personally, it isn't about you, I just can't keep my head on straight.  Honestly, sometimes I can't remember where my phone is when it is in my hand!  (Did I tell you about the time I locked myself out of house and car with out shoes?!  Now that is a funny story!)  So please don't despair!  The good, no GREAT news is that I have devised a system so not to forget anymore, at least as far as birthday's are concerned.  GO ME!

Drumroll please......Here is my Birthday Box!!!!  This fun little box, which hopefully is bright enough that I won't loose it...heh, is my little filing system to remember birthday's.  Inside there is a series of "files" by month, and behind each month some index cards to put a list of birthday's that fall with in that month.  Now, granted, I still have to go in and look each month, but I never have to transfer the information again!!!  I only have to add birthday's as new wonderful people come into my life.  So, I am hoping get this index cards populated and the box full so I can remember YOU and YOUR birthday.

That's a wrap folks, thanks for stopping!!!


Berni said...

I love it!!! What a great idea!!! Can you show me how?!?! Is the box big enough to hold pre-made cards so I am not rushing to make one last minute?

Katie Ann Brooks said...

The intention isn't for cards, but for the names of people who have a birthday in that month. I don't think you'd have enough room in the box for full cards. Make sense?

paisley penguin said...

This is so cool! What a great idea. I had thought about doing something similar but never got past the planning stages. Hmmmmm.