Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Treat's are a coming!

Fall is in the air.  It seemed to sneak in over night leaving crisp mornings, colored leaves and LOTS of acorns. Fall is a favorite time of year for many folks.  I do love it, but admittedly, I love the summer and spring sun more.  The sunshine does my body good. :)  Luckily, summer isn't exactly over yet either, the weekend temperatures are going to be about 80.  I'd say the sun but cooler nights and lovely colors are the best of both worlds.

In my house we are already anticipating one of the fall holidays.  Can you guess which one?  I'll give you a hint, it is one the young kids like.  Halloween!  I have fond memories of dressing up as a kiddo but now it is my daughter's turn.  This year, she plans to be Ariel.

Since I have some great new dies from Top Dog Dies, I thought I'd get to creating some treats early. Why not right?  Here are a few of the recent creations I've made.

The first creation is a little pillow box with treats inside.  This features the new Top Dog Dies Modern Mosaic A2 Mat Die in black.  Not traditionally a Halloween die but I cut it down to wrap around my pillow box and the black looks great against the light orange.

The second creation is a test tube filled with candy.  Nerds to be precise, my daughter LOVES them.  I made this pretty easy but just cutting the kitty out from the Top Dog Dies Halloween Trio Die Set.  I love this fun set!  I added a few googly eyes and tied it right on as a tag using twine.  My daughter snatched it right up today even thought it isn't Halloween.  I guess I'll need to keep them out of reach from now on! LOL.

I was wondering, are you getting ready for fall holidays?  What crafts to you make this time of year?


Lisa said...

How FUN are these!! You've put me in the mood to get crafty with my Halloween goodies!

~amy~ said...

SUCH a fun test tube treat and love the pillow box!

Deepti said...

These are awesome :) I love the way u used that plate die !

cm said...

Fabulous Halloween projects! I'm excited to bring out my Halloween-themed stamps, dies and papers, with the goal of creating some fashion of "10 Days to Halloween Countdown" calendar for my niece and nephew. Maybe a series of little envelopes with "spooky" images and wee treats; ideas are brewing and your showcases here have fanned the flames...